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    Mum’s the word

    Mum (Alison Canavan)I’ve created this part of my site for new Mums. A new little bundle of joy is the greatest gift you could ever be given. That new baby smell and their tiny little fingers and toes. You stare at them watching for every breath. You created this little person and it’s one of life’s greatest miracles. So from one Mum to another well done to you!

    That new baby smell and their tiny little fingers and toes. You stare at them watching for every breath…

    It’s a time of huge adjustment being a new Mum and you’ll need a lot of help and support along the way. If you’re planning on breastfeeding there’s loads of help out there you just need to know where to look. In my 1st mothering diary (on my blog page) I have a list of websites I found helpful and also contact information for lactation consultants. It took me 6 weeks to get James feeding properly. You need to be patient and you also need to know what to expect. Be prepared for sore nipples and other teething problems but be assured that learning to feed successfully is a beautiful bonding experience. On the breastfeeing page, Joan, who is a leader in La Leche League gives a real life insight into breastfeeding. La Leche League have been a huge support for me. Their meetings give you the opportunity to both get advice and share your experiences as a Mum. Sometimes its nice to know you’re not alone. Clare Boyle under my parenting section is a breastfeeding angel. She will be joining us on our journey with the Parenting Roadshow next Spring.

    The baby blues/ PND (post natal depression) page is a delicate topic that I feel very strongly about. 60/70% of new Mums will suffer babyblues and 10% will go on to develop PND. This is a very high percentage and something I feel needs to be discussed more openly. Madge Fogarty from has written a piece describing who they are and how to get in contact. Both herself and Bernie Kealey have written a book called ‘Recovering from post natal depression’. I would strongly urge all Mums to read this as it covers everything from antenatal depression right through to Puerperal Psychosis. It also deals with bonding issues, traumatic births, life events, relationships and lots more. We all have our off days but with a new baby comes a whole new set of worries. It’s ok to be a human being sometimes and its also ok to ask for help……

    Fitness and diet are incredibly importnat in our every day lives. I’ve written articles on both and hope you gain some tips from them. Exercise is important to me, not only because its necessary for my career but also because it makes you feel good. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. If you’re a breastfeeding Mum take it slowly and safely. Its important as a new Mum that you’re getting sufficient rest, eating well and keeping your fluid intake high. Keeping fit is a way of life. Stephanie from baby body fit specialises in fitness both during your pregnancy and after you’ve given birth. She will soon be nationwide and makes the experience fun and you can bring your baby too!

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