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      sinead wings pic 4

      I was telling my friend Lisa I have to lay off the training for a few days before the Red Bull ‘Wings for Life World Run’ tomorrow. I pushed it to much during the week and pulled a muscle. I’m incrediblly resilient and positive but I couldn’t help feeling a little anxious and disappointed especially after all the hard work I’ve put in. I’m eating well and resting so finers crossed tomorrow will go well.

      Lisa was giving some words of encouragement and I don’t know about you but I draw a lot of my inspiration from other people. So let me tell you why Lisa’s friend Sinead Kane who is also running the wings for life race on Sunday in Brazil has inspired me!

      Sinead is 33 and was born with 5% vision in both eyes. She experienced severe bullying in school because of her disability, and was told by teachers she would not make anything of her life. Sinead comes from a family with visual impairments, but with her strength and courage, and her family’s support she has defied all the odds and became Ireland’s first blind solicitor.

      Sinead’s first experience of running was when she was asked to do a 10km run for childvision in 2012. Her love affair with running continued and in October last year with the aid of a guide she was the first visually impaired female to complete the Dublin Marathon, in just over four hours. February saw her complete a 50km race in under five hours, yes she is that good!

      Along the journey with Sinead has been her guide ultra runner John O’Regan, who is actually Ireland’s 2014 wings for life winner. Together the duo will take on the Wings for life world run in Brazil tomorrow May 3rd.

      Lisa last saw Sinead on Tuesday, the day before she flew out to Brasil with John. She genuinely couldn’t believe she was flying to Brazil to compete in a global race, saying ‘I would never have believed you if you told me three years ago that I’d be doing this, when in school I was always the last one to be chosen in P.E, and now it’s kind of like I’m living a part of my childhood over again’.

      Sinead and John are there now enjoying the sites and the lovely weather and no doubt doing some training for Sunday.

      Sinead never let anyone or anything get in her way of achieving her dreams, and you shouldn’t either. If you want to follow Sinead’s journey this Sunday find her on Facebook; and on

      I really hope to see lots of you tomorrow for the Wings for Life World Run in Dun Laoghaire. I’m the very proud ambassador for Honda who have also given me the ability to achieve a lot of my dreams in the past few years.

      Through Lisa who is an incrediblly positive person and a ray of light I’m now being inspired by her friend Sinead. So remember to surround yourself with people who inspire you and no matter what you do or who you are just remember as Sinead has proven; If you can dream it, you can do it!

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