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      There are five Spiritual Principles of Reiki, which are simple guidelines on how to live a good and fulfilling life. Although simple strategies, they are not always quite so easy to achieve


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      We can all benefit from following the rules and everyone around us will also feel the knock-on effect. You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to abide by these rules and even children can be guided in their everyday Lives by putting the Principles into practice.

      Just for today do not anger.

      This simply means that we should recognise and be aware of our feelings, but rather than suppressing any angry emotions that we may feel, we should try to deal with it in a constructive way by communicating how we feel to others, in a gentle way.  This will in time allow us to diffuse the anger in a more positive fashion.  Releasing the anger, while acknowledging it, will have a better outcome, and with understanding, will allow you to heal the situation that is causing the pain/anger in your Life.  Anger is just another emotion, but if left to fester, may cause us stress or possibly ill health.

      Just for today do not worry.

      Worrying creates tension and allows stress to build up in our mind and body. Worrying about something will not have any beneficial result on the eventual outcome.  Just for today acknowledge the love and support that is surrounding you.  Sometimes when we experience a worrying situation we may feel out of control and unable to help or fix things.  This still won’t make things any better in the long run. In times like this, remember to reconnect with the Universal love by meditation, talking, prayer, Reiki, or whatever will work for you as an individual.

      Honour your teachers, parent and elders.

      It is usually from our parents, elders and teachers that we first learn how to be good people.  It is their knowledge as well as the Life lessons we learn along the way that guides us through Life and pushes us in the right direction.  Their guidance moulds us as the adults of the future. Therefore, we should show them thanks, kindness and compassion on a regular basis.  Show gratitude for their precious time and wonderful gifts that have bestowed on you.

      Earn your living honestly.

      Honesty is being true to yourself.  By being dishonest you are not conducting your life in the way that the Universe wants you to. We must strive to live our Lives in a way that satisfies us and makes us feel that we have been the best version of ourselves that we can be. Earning a living honestly will fill you with satisfaction and pride in yourself, for a job well done. 

      Show gratitude to all living things.

      In a Reiki session, we would always finish off by offering thanks for the healing that has taken place. This acknowledges the channelled Spiritual energy that has been shared, with love and gratitude. As individuals, we share the world with animals, plants, birds, and people of every nationality, religion and creed and we should show gratitude, compassion, kindness and love to each and every one.   

      By learning to live and practice the Principles of Reiki, we can strive and achieve to be better people.

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