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    “It’s about knowing who you are” I can still hear those words loud and clear. It was about 6 years ago in NYC and I felt let down, isolated and alone. Life IS a journey and it really is up to us to learn lessons along the way. Sometimes we’re slow learners and we get burnt by people but we still go back for more. I’m not perfect and I have made mistakes but I admire people who apologise and learn and grow from their experiences.

    You’re on a train and it’s a smooth journey and then it starts raining. A little further along a massive storm hits. It’s dark and the train derails. Everyone panics and you manage to help people to safety. While you’re putting your life in danger one of the passengers tells the police that they saw you press a button and talk to a certain person implicating you in causing the accident. Up till now you have worked hard and loved life. People stare and no matter what you say they ignore you. 12 people lost their lives that day. You know that you were not at fault. A month later the accident report is released and the truth comes out, it always does! All you did was put your life on the line for others.

    Moral of the story: Never let anyone bully you and never get involved in bullying or bad mouthing. What you say today can ruin someone’s life tomorrow. Never compare yourself with others because you are unique. You have something no one else does and vice versa. Think before you act….

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