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      microorganisms, catherine edwards, naturally animals, gut flora, bloating, weight, gut flora, animal health, holistic animal care, be complete, alison canavan, health and wellness, pets, horses, animal care,  I love my job! Working in holistic animal (and human) care means that I really need to ensure that I am looking at the complete lifecycle, environment, energy and physiology – the more we understand about our internal and external environment the better care of ourselves and those in our care we can take!

      This week I had the pleasure of traveling to Austria to meet a supplier who is a world expert in Effective Microorganisms! Now this may not sound exciting to you, but you would not believe the impact these little critters have on your internal health, but also the health of our environment.

      Did you know that an apple today has 80% Vitamin C compared to the past? This is due to many factors, largely soil quality and the intensive use of chemicals in our food chain and environment, but the result is that it is really difficult to get adequate nutrients from today’s commercially grown foods, and this has a massive effect on our animals health. So how does this relate to your health and that of your animals and what has all of this got to do with microorganisms?

      Taking a holistic view on health really means looking at disease prevention not at treating disease once it is already established. Knowing what your animals need to maintain health is the best approach all around. My number one starting point with all of our health is a healthy gut flora!

      One of the keys to good health in your animal is a robust immune system. Up to 80% of a mammal’s immune system function is located in the digestive tract whose job it is to allow absorption of nutrients, and act as a barrier to harmful bacteria and toxins.

      The immune system is easily compromised when the digestive system is under strain. Typically parasites, chemicals from medication / wormers, inappropriate or processed diets, pain or stress can upset this delicate microbial balance within the digestive tract. This can result in diarrhoea, constipation, general loss of vitality and in some cases ulceration, which in turn puts pressure on the immune system to restore the animal to its optimum condition. Stressful situations such as travelling, competing, vet visits, dentist etc. can place extra stress on the immune and therefore the digestive function.

      While gut flora and mucosa act as barriers against gut pathogens, they also play a vital role in removing toxins, enhancing digestion, and out-competing disease-causing microorganisms. A healthy population of gut bacteria therefore is vital to a fit gastrointestinal tract and consequently a thriving animal.

      By supplementing your animal’s food with a regular amount of Effective Microorganisms (often called Probiotics, we use Manna products), the number of good bacteria in the gut is significantly enhanced, making it much harder for pathogenic bacteria to colonise the small intestine. This support, using a totally natural product right at the core of the immune function, is central to the idea of using the best of nature to ward off the things that may be detrimental to the health and well-being of your animal. Doing so without upset to the life balance that brings the vitality and wellbeing to your animal is something that we all prize.

      So getting the gut flora right in your animal should result in:

      • Glossy, even coat & healthy skin
      • Solid, healthy stools & reduced odour
      • An even temperament
      • Less stomach bloating
      • Good weight distribution
      • Good oral health
      • Less sensitivity to allergens
      • Less sensitivity to metabolic imbalances
      • Less sensitivity to parasitic burdens

      In addition there is evidence that a healthy intestinal gut flora can reduce the occurrence of ulcers within the digestive tract

      So, look after your pet’s microorganisms, keep that gut healthy and you will notice a difference straight away! Try it today and let us know how quickly your notice results!

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