In todays video we take a look at switching to a more natural make up brand and the benefits this has for your skin. We will also be talking about my lifelong pet peeve which is wearing too much make-up!!

“Less really is More”

As a young model in London, Paris and New York we were taught to embrace our natural beauty and highlight our features. The clients would have just sent you away if you turned up orange and full of make-up. It really is time to embrace our natural beauty and teach our young girls about self esteem and confidence and encourage them to see and embrace their natural beauty. There is incredible personal power in feeling comfortable in your own skin.

We are also chatting about heavy conturing which works great in a studio with strong lights but in our every day life this look is difficult for most people to achieve and it is very simply not normal to put so many layers of make up on our face.

For more information on all products from the Couleur Caramel range check out their website.

What do you think? Is less really more? Do you like heavy contouring? Let me know in the comments box below


Ali xxx

If you are looking for a natural make up that feels and looks great on your skin then check out todays video



  1. Long Eyelashes Mascara n°01 – Black €20.00


Lengthens, thickens, intensifies and protects lashes. A natural and water based formula replaces the need for solvents, which can be very aggressive on the eyes. An excellent brush thick with bristles to grab every lash and it also volumises for dramatic effect. Contains Beeswax, Acacia Gum, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter.


  1. Compact Foundation No. 14 – Golden Beige €33.00


The stick form of this foundation makes it easy to take with you anywhere, great for travelling and putting in your handbag. Apply using the Couleur Caramel pre­cut natural make­up sponge or your fingers like I do! This foundation provides excellent natural ­looking coverage and a powdered finish without excess product. Suitable for all skin types, especially good for normal, combination and oily.


  1. Silk Powder €26.00 The final touch!


This is the softest powder I have ever felt. It sets your make up perfectly and you wouldn’t even know you had it on! It has a really delicate and extremely sheer texture.


  1. My favourite Glossy Lipstick is the CORAL NO.260 which is €17.00


These lipsticks are rich in plant based active ingredients to protect your lips, with matte and pearly formulas available. This colour is definitely not just for blondes!

All make up available from COULEUR CARAMEL IRELAND