Do you ever wonder why you continue to attract the same types of partners? Or, is the same problem showing up in all your intimate relationships?

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So many people claim they are “bad at relationships” but the question they need to ask themselves is, what attempts are they making to tend to them? It’s fair to say I am bad at long distance running because I have never brought awareness to why I keep getting injured at the six-mile stage to change some of the bad habits I have picked up over the years. The same is also true for intimate relationships, until you develop a loving relationship with yourself and pay attention to what is going on beyond the superficial, you will unfortunately continue to repeat these same patterns. Ask yourself, where your “injuries” show up in your intimate relationships and be honest with yourself. To engage in a healthy intimate relationship you must develop self-awareness and a range of skills to prepare you for love and the maintenance of it. The idea that love is an action can be quite startling for some, because it is in stark contrast to the social expectation we have picked up about dating, romance, intimate relationships and marriage our whole lives.

For many years I was the person complaining about my inability to attract a healthy intimate relationship but doing nothing to tend to what was actually going on. It was too painful to look inwards at my own behaviours and much easier to highlight all that was wrong with the guys I was meeting. After a particularly bad break up I decided to reach out and seek support but I discovered it was impossible to find the kind of tailored service I was looking for. Back then there was no such thing as Relationship Coaching. Once I had done all the necessary personal work to heal and attract only healthy intimate love I decided to set up my own relationship coaching practice. I didn’t want others to go through what I did. When I think back to those years, although they were so transformative they were lonely, especially when all around me were people who appeared to “have it all”. At that time, I identified those markers to be; a man, career, baby. For me now, “having it all” thankfully means something entirely different and much more in line with who I am rather than fitting a societal “norm”. Understand yourself, honour your needs and take care of your emotional self rather than waiting for prince or princess charming to come along and take care of all your woes. By far it’s a much surer bet.

It is important to mention that domestic abuse differs from a “bad, unhealthy or disconnected relationship”. In a healthy relationship or even one going badly or ending – neither individual fears the other or is controlled by the other. Domestic abuse doesn’t always have to mean physical violence but it can be part of the abuse.

Contact Women’s Aid if you feel unsafe or confused in your relationship. 1800 341 900 National Freephone Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LEAVES PASTA, ALISON CANAVAN, BE COMPLETE, HEALTHY EATING, BUCKWHEAT, PROTEIN, KIDS MEAL, PASTA, WELLNESS, HEALTH COACH, FOOD DEALSA while back I received a small hamper with a couple of packets of pasta. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a high-protein, free from, pasta made exclusively from buckwheat and chickpeas and decided to find out more.
It was October of last year when I first had the chance to have a chat with Nico and Sabine from Leaves, the creators of #PastaMagic for one of my Wellness Wednesday articles (read the full story here: WELLNESS WEDNESDAY with Nico and Sabine).

Since then this couple (and their little son Aidan) have come a long way: this February they finally launched their #PastaMagic nationwide in a clever single serve portion of 100g, to help with portion control and avoid waste. They currently have 3 flavours out there: Fusilli originale, Penne with Garlic and Macaroni with Sage; all available in SuperValu stores and speciality stores around the country and online on their WEBSITE .

I really like the passion that this young couple have for their mission and what Leaves stands for: helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle in an easier and more attractive way. I truly love their pasta, so it works for me. The idea that in just five minutes (that’s how long it takes to cook this pasta perfectly al dente!) I can get as much protein as a serving of salmon and 3 times more fibre just from my pasta, with a great flavour and texture (forget all those brittle gluten-free alternatives out there) it’s absolutely fantastic!

I met the two again for a tea a few weeks ago and together we decided to partner as I really love to support positive, passionate people that like me are committed to help others to feel better.
So I will be sharing a few interesting recipes with #PastaMagic, and how it fits into my daily life, but most importantly we’ll be offering FREE SHIPPING to all readers when buying from the Leaves Web Store  :simply add the code “Alison” at checkout to avail of the offer.

The pasta on their website costs just €2 (or less when ordered in bigger quantities) for what basically is a full meal in a box for one.

If you try it, I’d love to hear your thoughts about #PastaMagic and how you use it, I hope this product will help many of you feel better in an effortless way.