I am so excited to be part of Arnotts Children’s Fashion Weekend. I’m going to be talking to 65 mums in the morning and sharing some of my beauty, parenting and health and wellbeing tips. We have so many goodies to giveaway and I love giving pressies away!!

I will be in Arnotts all day with our pop up studio from Spirevision and I will be giving advice on family shoots, how to pose and much more. Come say hi and I can’t wait to meet everyone! Ali xxxx

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Your new bundle of joy is only a tiny baby once, so don’t miss out on capturing these precious fleeting moments!

Newborn Shoots

At SpireVision Studio we are giving you a once in lifetime chance to book our Picture Perfect Newborn Photoshoots for an amazing discounted price. Book now or buy a limited edition Voucher for a friend or loved one! These images will last forever.

To book your session now email me at or log onto It’s that easy!

Book now to organize your complimentary over the phone Consultation with our Professional Photographer. This will help you get prepared for your session, to make sure we get the best images possible of your Newborn Child.


  1. Baby should be between 5 – 14 days old for best results. We can book in advance.
  2. Morning is the best time.
  3. Baby should be fed just before the session – can be done in the studio.
  4. Baby should be kept awake before the session if possible.


€65 (worth €165)

  • 2 HOUR studio session
  • Framed 8×10 photograph + same image on CD (low res and watermarked)


Voucher lasts 3 months from date of purchase.


Fantastic opportunity! Book your child’s Back to School photo shoot for just €24.99 and enter into a draw to win a beautiful 20″ x 30″ mounted canvas wall art of your favourite image! 

For the next 3 weeks at SpireVision Studio we are offering the chance to book an amazing Back To School Studio Mini Session for a once in lifetime price. For just €24.99 you can experience the fun and excitement of a Professional Photoshoot, and leave with a beautiful framed image of your to celebrate their School experience.

Its also a fab gift idea for family members to mark a special occassion.

This is not your boring old traditional School Portrait! Your child is captured with a natural smile; enjoying themselves in a fun, funky, and unique environment! To book your session now, just email me at or It’s easy!

Back To School Basic Offer

€24.99 (worth €165)

  • 20min studio session
  • Framed 8×10 photograph + same image on CD



€74.99 (worth €220)

  • 20min studio session
  • Framed 8×10 photograph  + same image on CD
  • Mounted 5×7 photograph  + same image on CD
  • Double sided photo key ring or fridge magnet

€99.00 (worth €300)

  • 20min studio session
  • Premium 8×10 Canvas  + same image on CD
  • 2 Mounted 5×7 photograph  + same image on CD
  • Double sided key ring or fridge magnet
  • Photo Mousemat OR Photo mug




  • Photo gifts available
  • Canvas and Large Framed images available
  • Digital image €30.00

€15.00 per extra person SVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0038-Edit SVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0282-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0177-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0664-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0641-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0323-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0698-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0125-EditSVS_0118 - Alison James BTSchool-0238-Edit

Toddler tales 31 jpegI never actually thought the day would come where I would be begging James not to be so helpful. I took the washing in for mum yesterday and he had a full force tantrum because he wanted to do it for Nana. He also wants to dress himself, which is great except it usually means both legs in the same leg, and if you are in a rush and want to assist be prepared for a meltdown. He also wants to put his socks on and then (quite like his mother) loses it when he can’t. Now, I don’t mean my socks of course, but when I was a child, I was a little demanding and impatient to say the least. This morning he wanted to do his own car seat as I tried to explain that the reason he couldn’t was for safety reasons so mummy’s have to do it. I then got told he doesn’t want to be safe, as ‘big, little boys don’t need to be’!!

After I was late for my meeting and I was I missing a few pieces of hair I had torn out I burst out laughing. I have literally spent weeks and months begging James to help Mummy do things and it has actually backfired on me. Like most of my parenting methods I plan on turning it into a game or a story. A game usually involves me timing him which always works and I think a long story about how its ok to lets mums help is necessary for the next few nights.

Its incredible watching the determination, independence and personality develop as they grow and then in the middle of the night my sweet little boy says “Mummy will you just hold my hand as I love you, my best friend”. These moments are what life is all about and too often we’re moving so fast we miss them. My life has been hectic lately and like any parent I have felt bad. I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support, emails and messages after The Late Late show for walk in my shoes. It means a lot and I’m delighted the young people of Ireland will have more access to information and support now in the area of mental health.



Frank and nora Bundler whiteFrank and Nora is an Irish based babywear and accessories brand, their organic clothing is so incredibly soft. This bundler covers the full body & legs with an elasticised hem to keep baby warm. €14









Life Style Sports-Zoggs-Girls Miss Zoggy UV Suit-E24Zoggs is a well-known swim brand around the world and Life Style Sports have introduced the Zoggs range of baby swimsuits and shorts. Not only are they incredibly cute, but the suits contain innovative UV protective fabrics that help protect babies and toddlers from any harmful UV rays.

Life Style Sports-Zoggs-Girls/boys Zoggy UV Suit €24










Q: I have bad varicose veins post pregnancy. Any tips on getting rid of them as the summer is drawing closer and I’m embarrassed to bare my legs?

Pregnancy can often be a trigger in women for varicose veins because of the extra weight and hormones. The female hormone progesterone, relaxes the vein walls to allow a greater blood flow, which can damage the valves that control that flow. Varicose veins are most common in the legs and feet because the veins there are under the greatest pressure from standing and walking. The old advice was to wait till you had all your children or indeed just leave them if they didn’t bother you too much. However, thanks to a new and revolutionary treatment available in Ireland called The Venaseal Closure System it is now quite safe and is indeed beneficial to remove the varicose veins and restore a proper flow of blood through the other normal veins and the deep veins. Venaseal really is the next generation in Varicose Vein care as there is no downtime, no compression stockings, only 1 local anesthetic and immediate results. for more information



MINUS 417 Miracle Immediate Wrinkle Filler €81.95-417 BLACK DIAMOND MIRACLE IMMEDIATE WRINKLE FILLER €81.95 and it works!! local stockist information 014507771









Happy nest car seat coverThis ingenious travel solution RECENTLY FEATURED ON IRELAND AM’S BOOST YOUR BUSINESS   is suitable for use in all Carseats from brand new Irish company Happynest. It is reversible and very practical. The Cosynest from €34.99  OR find them on Facebook 









WE ARE USING Avene water spray: after shaving, for redness, nappy rash, after make removal, after a procedure, for skin Irritations and sunburn! It’s definitely number one for my handbag. Keep it in the fridge at home if your kids are prone to skin conditions as spraying from the fridge will soothe skin instantly. BOOKING your family photoshoot at on Dublins O’Connell Street, which is my new venture. Simply mention my name for 10% discount on everything from family photoshoots to your baby’s first passport photograph. We also offer styling advice and hair and make up for mums. HOLIDAYING at home in The Dunloe in Killarney is an excellent 5* hotel on 64 acres of gardens which offers fantastic outdoor activities with views over the Gap of Dunloe. A perfect family getaway with facilities that include the 25m indoor pool, sauna, steam room, dedicated chill-out zone, Techno-gym, indoor tennis, horse riding, outdoor children’s playground and indoor games room, as well as children’s movie nights with popcorn and soft drinks.

Slide1We’re excited at SpireVision Studio to be offering great headshots for both actors and models and indeed anyone who needs one. Having been in the industry for over 20 years I understand just how important a good headshot is. It’s your business card and the last thing you leave with your client. We want to help Actors and Models achieve their goals by providing high end, top industry standard headshots that stand out in their simplicity and quality.

The most important parts of any headshot are a natural connection with the camera, the subject looking their best, and a perfect balance of lighting, expression, and sparkle. We have a great team and are experts at making sure everyone that sits for us is comfortable, that they trust in us to capture them at their best, and that they are enjoying themselves.

Our Goal for every session

At the end of every session, we want the subject to leave sure in the knowledge that we have provided a great service. We want their final images to delight them, and to meet every standard that is asked from us.

What we currently provide

Individual Sessions: €99

  • Full Studio Session (45 mins – 1 hr)
  • 3 Professionally edited and retouched images on CD.
  • Delivered in both Colour versions, and complimentary Black  & White versions.
  • In both High-Resolution, and Low-Resolution for Email, and Social Media use.
  • Styling and Make-Up advice (if you would like a Make-Up Artist, we can arrange it)
  • Optional Printing Service.

Light Make-Up and Hair: €60                      

Group Sessions: Per Person price available on request

  • An Agency or Group may book ½ day and full day sessions.
  • A per person price can be arranged with significant discounts
  • 3 Professionally edited and retouched images on CD per person
  • Delivered in both Colour versions, and complimentary Black  & White versions.
  • In both High-Resolution, and Low-Resolution for Email, and Social Media use.
  • Styling and Make-Up advice (if you would like a Make-Up Artist, we can arrange it)
  • Optional Printing Service.


Light Make-Up and Hair: A time based, or per person price can be arranged, with discounts.

 Contact: Myself through the website here or book directly info@spirevisionstudio – 087 984464 (Pearse)