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      I’had a dream that my life was running smoothly and then I woke up again. Nothing seems to come without a fight and always at a cost. Yes I’m human and I’ve had a few moments of self-pity. The only thing that’s pulled me through is cuddling James. Just being around him makes me smile and gives me strength. Kids are so innocent and they trust everyone. Unfortunately this Mum does too, only to be disappointed and disgusted at the levels some people will stoop too.
      The universe keeps throwing me curveballs. I look upon them as challenges though. I’ve worked too hard and cried too much to give up now. That’s the thing about being a Mother I’m relearning the simple things in life: To love unconditionally, to appreciate the simple things, to forgive, to live in the present, to really feel emotionsand the list goes on.
      Kids are so smart. They feel your energy and feed off it. I’ve been stressed and putting my show together has taken a lot more out of me that I thought. I know it will be worth it but James now wants to lie with me at bedtime for fear of losing me again to the computer. He puts his arm around my neck and holds my hand keeping me as close as possible and I’m racked with guilt as I feel his fear of letting me go. It’s so hard to find a work/life balance and kids love routine. Right now I want a hug from every Mum and Dad out there. It sounds so silly but have you ever felt like a child just needing someone to tell you that everything will be all right and you’ve nothing to worry about. Kids or adults we all need to be reassured in life. No matter how good the journey every road has bends at some stage.
      Just as I was putting James to bed earlier he pointed out the window and gasped “WOW” It was raining and the sun was shining at the same time. He reminded me that the simple things are so amazing and beautiful. You might call it a sign; I simply think it’s the universe making up for all the curveballs…


      His new spoons! Ideal for picnic season (if it arrives) and also great round the house! Disposable tableware from Green Sprouts €7.50 Wholefoods, Jo JO Maman bebe and


      The Blemish + Age Cleansing Gel decongests pores, removes impurities and softens skin. Perfect for my new unwanted spots!! Really at my age! €34


      Hi Alison,
      I’m pregnant and finding it difficult to get inexpensive maternity wear. I have a wedding coming up. Have you any ideas??
      Thanks, Orla, MayoHi Orla,
      I have the perfect solution. Check out They offer a unique & stylish maternity dress hire service, a first in Ireland.  Whether it is an office function, a wedding or a special occasion, they have a beautiful Selection of styles and sizes for you to choose  from. Here is their Red Audrey dress, made with luxurious lace that stretches with your growing bump. They also have millinery and clutch bags to complete your look!! Rentals are on a 4 day basis and prices start from €80 and complementary dry- cleaning!! Need I say more…


      Check out They have great toys to help children learn and develop while having fun. They are also a specialist retailer for premature baby and special needs products. They install multi sensory rooms and offer great practical information to parents and therapists about products and toys that benefit children most. Visit their new showroom in Rathfarnham or contact [email protected] or call 01-2989001


      We’re currently on the road with my new 0 To Toddler show so make sure you sign up to my newsletter on my website for all the news or for great prizes and lots of fun!

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