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      The very first thing I would like to do is thank everyone for coming to my shows. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the support. To all the Mums who took time to send me such nice emails thank you too!! Every week the team are getting stronger and ore passionate. It’s amazing how much I’m learning every day. On my day off I’m making a conscious effort to do something nice with James and last week we went to the zoo. We met Gerry Creighton who most of you will know from the TV show The Zoo, which is coming back to our screens in September!

      We were incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to meet the Gorillas and the Giraffes including the new baby giraffe that was only one month old. I was so excited, far more than the kids. We got to feed the giraffes and I was speechless at how beautiful and gentle they were. James got a little scared, as did I if I’m honest when three of them bent their necks at the same time to try and get some food but James has not stopped talking about them since. When we met the orilla family obviously through bars one of the babies started showing off and doing a dance, the silverback sat exuding his dominance and I couldn’t help thinking how alike us they really are. We could learn a thing or two from their loyalty and family values as sometimes our modern world makes us forget what’s truly important. I have met the most passionate parents over the past few weeks and all they want is the best for their children. Through no fault of their own and because of our current climate these parents are struggling more than ever. I can’t explain how angry and upset this makes me. The main reason I put my 0 To Toddler Show together is to provide parents with information that I feel they’re entitled to about their children’s development, health and well being. Information is power. I knew nothing when I had James and found the most basic of information very difficult to come by. One thing I know is that working as a team and supporting each other is really important as there’s strength in numbers!


      …these puzzles that also make the sounds of the animals featured. Online at, and priced €12.95, they make learning fun!


      These handmade baby flipflops from €6.00 with many more styles to choose from!!


      Hi Alison,
      We’ve had such a bad summer but I really won’t to let the kids out to have fun and make day trips to the beach. Have you come across any good weatherproof gear for kids?
      Joanne, Dublin

      Hi Joanne,
      I’m always the Mum saying don’t jump in that puddle, don’t get your clothes wet, we can’t go out the weather is awful and I’ve decided to give in. Out door play is crucial for our children’s development so I need to let James be a child! I just bought James this Hatley Stars Infant Bundler. Featuring comfy terry lining, these bundlers have adjustable bootstraps at leg opening. Full zip, seam sealed and waterproof. Sizes 12-18, 18-24 months and 2-3 yrs. Price €49 + plus post from Stick their wellies on over this and they can have as much fun as they like with dry clothes underneath!


      Musical tots is a FUN structured music morning for parents & preschool children that will develop language, co-ordination &  social skills & be a stepping stone to school. Classes are run in Dublin & Kildare in Community Halls, Toddler groups & libraries. Classes can cost as little as €5 & children have the opportunity to sing, dance, play musical instruments as well as many games using props to stimulate coordination. Karen, the owner sings & plays guitar so the class structure is flexible catering for Children’s preferences & incorporating their favourite songs & nursery rhymes. Her philosophy is that the class is primarily for fun & anything the kids learn is a BONUS. Personalised parties are available for all occasions cost €100. 087 641 7981


      As our child’s hand muscles don’t fully develop until they are 9 encourage this with the use of playdough. Its fun and will also help with pre-literacy skills!!

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