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      I love the age James is at. Terrible twos? Well not this week. I’m thoroughly enjoying the chats and the fact that it feels like he’s 22 and has been around forever. He was touching my hair the other night and I asked him if he liked it and he said no and then turned around and laughed and said ‘Joke!’ I nearly fell over laughing.
      We have been trying out our new strider bike and fighting to get his Helmut on. Last Sunday we walked for about an hour but he walked beside the bike and refused to get on. He was so happy I let it go. I’ve slowly explained that you’re supposed to actually get on it and we’re getting there now.
      I bought him a strider bike because as I’ve learnt from one of the experts on my 0 To Toddler show Ollwyn Moran, the development of the balance system is incredibly important from birth onwards. “Balance is not something that happens to us, rather, it is something that we do and must work to develop. Having a good balance system is of paramount importance for healthy brain development. Good balance is achieved through repeated movements on a regular basis.”
      The Strider bike promotes good balance because the child is safely getting to understand what movements they must make in order to stay upright on the bike and by repeating these movements they ‘wire’ the brain and promote muscle development which helps the child to gain control over their body movements. Good co-ordination and gross motor skills are also promoted as a result of these movements.
      The stages of creeping and crawling are the most important stages in brain development and it was when Ollwyn’s own children were at the crawling stage she realised that it was actually a very difficult task for them to do on wooden and tiled floors. Knowing the importance of the crawling stage on healthy brain development lead Ollwyn to the ‘brainchild’ that is the Creeper Crawlers suit.

      FOR MUM

      Youth, boxed! For all the tired mums out there: NeoStrata’s Comprehensive AntiAging Regimen, €76.50 at pharmacies

      FOR BABY

      Hear the soft bear talk about its hand, foot, nose and tummy when you press them. For babies from three months, €21.60 at The Early Learning Centre

      THE CREEPER CRAWLERS SUIT gives baby extra grip on those wooden and tiled floors, whilst also promoting healthy body and brain connections. It’s that simple. To purchase a suit or to find out more about healthy neurological development check out or visit Creeper Crawlers Facebook page.

      THE STRIDER BIKE is great for learning steering and balance without stabilisers. It also develops co-ordination and confidence. Great for toddlers 18mths-5yrs €105.99



      Hi Alison,
      Halloween is around the corner and I was wondering do you know where to get good costumes for all ages?
      Sandra, Meath

      Hi Sandra,
      I love Halloween. It’s actually one of the biggest holidays in the States where I was living for 8 yrs. Dressing up is great for encouraging imagination in kids which in turn increases self esteem and confidence and I think Mummy and Daddy should get dressed up too!! Tk Maxx have a fantastically ghastly selection of children’s costumes that will send shivers through the neighbourhood with up to 60% off! have a fab selection and I’m dressing James is their fireman outfit. Mothercare are great for babies and have cute pumpkin suits for our newest arrivals. Enjoy and have fun. Oh and don’t eat too many sweets!!



      Listening to Classic Hits 4FM who have supported me all Summer long and also had the Jeeps and fab girls at my 0 To Toddler show in Swords last week! Supporting The Cow & Gate Spooky Smiles for Crumlin appeal. To get involved, just plan a sponsored Halloween party and Cow & Gate will send you on a party pack to help you on your way and as a thank you for your donation. (pic of me and James) Putting a magnet on our fridge from the poisons information center of Ireland with the helpline number on it. Keep your kids safe and say no to poison

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