It has been a wonderful day of food, friends and fun. I just got home from The Taste of Dublin which gets bigger and better every year. This is the first year I didn’t have James with me though as Mum took him to Wexford for the day as I went to see Patrick Holford talk about stress this morning!!

His talk was on in Fitzpatricks Castle in Killiney organised buy Select Stores Patricks talk focused a lot on breathing to reduce stress and In my opinion the busier you are the more you need to meditate and take time out. A few things really stuck with me from his talk:

“you see the world through how you feel”


“marketers have figured out a way to see us food heroin”

Both of these quotes are so true and it really is up to us to take our health, stress levels and the quality of food we eat into our own hands We also need to make better informed choices about the food we eat on a daily basis!

I headed into town after and met up with my friend John and after eventually finding parking we went to The Taste of Dublin. I had heard so much about #primebyAldi, Aldi’s incredible restaurant at Taste so I was dying to experience it for myself. My sister Laura was there on Friday and she was right, it really was that good! I met Lucy Kennedy and her adorable little girl Holly and we all tucked into an amazing menu prepared by chef Gary O’Hanlon

FullSizeRenderAfter that we took a stroll around and bumped into lots of friends. The weather was great and the atmosphere was incredible. I was really impressed by the healthy stands this years including raw juices by McCormack family farms Mc Cormack family farms and I arrived home with my wheatgrass for the week from My Organics Farm

IMG_6635Spring break were playing and there were Minions everywhere as the new movie is coming out. The old parental guilt hit me then as James loves the Minions even though he hasn’t even seen the movie yet!! He even has swimming shorts and T-Shirts for his holidays next week.

FullSizeRender_3John managed to find himself a new house and I had some great coffee at the Nespresso stand which was very impressive

FullSizeRender_2I’m home now with a full belly and a happy heart patiently waiting for my baby to come home as I need cuddles. I’m already excited about Taste next year which reminds me to live in the moment!! lol

Ali xxx

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