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      Welcome to our #SelfcareSunday series here on BeComplete where both myself and my contributors will look at great self care ideas from healing like Reiki to various treatments and days out… We hope you enjoy the series…


      Many years ago, when I was on the start of my journey in spiritual development, I met an amazing woman in one of my classes who offered me a Reiki session.

      Although I was aware its teachings and the overall concept, at that stage, I hadn’t fully explored its benefits. It was only after my studies at the Albert Finley College in London, when my fellow students and teachers, told me I was a naturally gifted healer, that I decided to explore and train in Reiki.

      Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. Rei meaning Spirit and Ki meaning Energy. It is the ancient art of hands on healing which is based on channeling spiritual energy. It was re-introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan, during the 19th Century and is still used worldwide to the present day. It is a holistic method of healing; working on the body to help create Physical, Mental and Spiritual harmony and a feeling of wellbeing. Many hospitals in the USA recommend it as a treatment to their patients.

      Typically, training and studies in Reiki can take a couple of years yet I found I was able to connect with Spirit and energy extremely quickly; completing my studies for Reiki One and then Reiki Two within less than twelve months, and going on to become a certified Reiki Master within a very short time thereafter.

      Reiki is a very gentle, yet powerful method of healing. As we are all diverse individuals, and on different paths and stages in life, it is a unique experience for each person who receives it. Reiki has been proven to cleanse and help bring about harmony, through a detoxifying process and it promotes a positive attitude and mind set to each person. Depending on what is happening in a person’s Life, it may be necessary to receive more than one treatment, depending on the problem. Alternatively, one session is useful in times of stress or as a regular pick me up. Overall, the Reiki treatment usually lasts about an hour.

      Before a treatment, the Reiki practitioner prepares the room in advance and spends some time tuning into the healing energy. The practitioner is a channel through which this Universal healing energy is passed, through their hands, to the person receiving the treatment. It cannot be specifically guided but it will flow of its own accord to where it is most needed in the body, and works at a subtle level on the physical, mental or emotional needs.

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      For the treatment, you will be asked to remove your shoes and lie down on a plinth or massage table. (You can also receive Reiki in a sitting position.) The Reiki practitioner will place their hands over energy points in the body to balance or shift stagnate energies and help to alleviate physical, mental and spiritual pain or discomfort.

      When a Reiki treatment is given, the healing energy flows to where it is needed most and the recipient may often experience sensations of tingling, heat, cold or maybe just an awareness of the energy passing through them. This is the Reiki working. It stimulates the body’s natural healing ability at a deeper subconscious level, helping to remove physical or emotional blockages that may have been causing upset or illness.

      Many different ailments benefit from Reiki such as tension, general aches and pains, headaches, and more. It offers relief from stress related issues or emotional worries and is a very relaxing and rewarding experience. Solutions to problems may arise during a treatment, or creative ideas may be activated and mental clarity enhanced. Old emotions or anger that has been repressed may also surface, allowing us to deal with them and move on with our Life. Toxins will be released from the body as the subtle healing takes place and the Reiki will continue to work for a couple of days following your treatment.

      Twenty years later, I love nothing more than sharing my insights about how this wonderful form of healing can impact on everyone’s Life, adults and children alike!

      © Bernie Hickey Spiritual Journey

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