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      When a friend comes to you with a problem, it’s unlikely that you call them a loser, tell them that they’ve failed and that you always thought they were hopeless!

      Why is it then, that we talk to ourselves this way? Why do we criticize and bully ourselves to always do better — to be continuously perfect?

      As a part of self-care January I’m teaming up with Maureen Cooper, Director of Awareness in Action, to provide you her amazing self-care course. This online course has the answers to all this and shows how by becoming a good friend to ourselves we can find the solutions. The course starts on February 1st.

      Outcomes from this course: 

      Changing our habits takes time and effort—just like when we train in the gym, or learn a new language. However, as soon as we begin to work with these habits, things can start to change. By working through this course and making the exercises part of your new routine, you will learn to:

      • Identify your inner critic and to take it less seriously

      • Turn your inner voice from harsh critic to good friend

      • Understand that kindness is a more effective way of supporting ourselves through difficulties than criticism is

      • Recognise struggle and disappointment as common to all

      • To separate a challenge from your reaction to it

      • To understand the benefits of self-compassion

      Friend - Say About the course

      “Being a working mum with a 9-month-old son I have very little time to dedicate to ‘me’. Maureen’s course is perfectly designed to allow busy people to digest the lessons in their own time, and each lesson is short and focused. The course has armed me with tools to help me deal with life’s pressures and I feel great for having invested a little time in my own personal growth.” – Lucy Thornton

      “Whether you are an “expert” on the matter, or a lay person wanting to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation and compassion, this course will not disappoint you. The course is very well structured, and Maureen Cooper is impeccable in providing constant encouragement, guidance and support. Throughout the course, there is a genuine concern of linking learning activities with updated scientific evidence, in a way that is widely comprehensible. I definitely recommend it as a worthy opportunity for personal and professional development.” – Carlos Carona

      Apply your coupon for self-care January by using the coupon ‘selfcare’

      For the basic course option 

      For the basic course + coaching

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