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      After 15 years working in corporate customer facing roles I’d realised that I’d peaked in that place

      I enjoyed working but I felt a real guilt around not being involved enough in my two sons week. I wanted to do something more meaningful to me and I wanted to balance that with spending more time with my two boys. I wanted to feel passionate about my job. I wanted to love what I do.

      I’m Ayshea Ryan and a year and a half ago I launched A Place For Space. We had just finished a seven month renovation project on our own home. My husband and I had worked really hard to arrange and provide for this renovation to bring our 1850’s period villa up-to-date and suit our family lifestyle. The thought of having the house just the way I wanted it and loving it and not being able to spend time in it properly working a 9-5pm job which realistically for me meant being away 8-6pm was just not sitting right with me.

      It was at this same time, that a good friend of mine who had popped by to visit the newly renovated and organised house asked me to help her make the most of her beautiful new home. She has known me a long time and knew how passionate I was about organisation and how I consider it key to living a busy but relatively stress free life.

      Her house was stunning but the ‘stuff’ was taking over. With five children she was overwhelmed with the clutter. By helping her to declutter her environment she was finally able to enjoy her beautiful home and minimize the stress that naturally comes with five children and all of their needs. And so the business was born.


      The aim is to help people to be mindful of what they fill their homes with and to bring the joy back to busy family life. I firmly believe that by freeing yourself of the stuff you neither love or use allows you to love the space you live in.

      A home is an ever evolving place, the needs change as the family grows. I encourage you to embrace change and not to be afraid of change as change is constant and something we can not avoid.  We must adapt and go with it.

      The first step to declutter is to recognise the clutter. Once you begin to declutter you will begin to feel the benefits of reducing the stuff that surrounds you. Benefits such as letting go of something that was holding you back, freeing up your mind to help you make clear decisions or new changes.

      Once you recognise the clutter and reach out to A Place For Space for assistance I will then call out to your home for a one hour consultation. I assess how big or small the project is.

      I then make a plan how to tackle it with you.  A plan designed to work around you and what you are comfortable with. Send quote and estimated lead time for your consideration.

      I encourage my clients to make time for themselves and time for their home organisation.  A healthy, clutter free home leads to a healthy clutter free mind.

      Quick & Easy Declutter Tips

      Tackle one room or category at a time. This makes the process less overwhelming. Try starting with one or all of the categories below.

      1 Wardrobe & Cosmetics  – we just have way too much stuff. Adapt your wardrobe to your lifestyle. I used to wear suits for my old job but its casual now. Get rid off all with the exception of one.

      2 Electronics – Got a box of power cords and adaptors with no corresponding appliance? Let them go. You’re never going to use that old Nokia charger again!

      3 Kitchen – chipped dishes? Old cups you don’t like? Tupperware everywhere with no lids or lids with no boxes? Pair them up and bin any spares.

      Try to declutter every season to keep on top of it, this makes decluttering much more simple.

      Ayshea Ryan is founder of A Place For Space, she created it to feel free of paraphernalia and to create room to think in. You can find out more by visiting their website here.

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