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      For anyone considering a new ‘pet’ please see this picture! These are four of our six rescue cats, we have three boys and three girls, all unrelated and they all love each other as you can see! They regularly cuddle each other and the dogs! We also have rescue dogs, ponies and guinea pigs. There are so many animals in rescue centres desperate for a loving home. They have ended up there through no fault of their own, and are often scared, bewildered, undernourished and lonely.


      Many people want a puppy or kitten, of a particular colour and of a particular breed. However, how important is this really? The numbers of abandoned pets are shocking and growing. The sad reality is that Christmas time is often when many pets are abandoned. Many of these loving healthy animals are put to sleep. Others, like Ralph and Patch in the picture above, have spent years of their lives in a rescue home waiting for someone to pick them! We never pick an animal, I just can’t understand how anyone can walk past and say no. Every animal we have had has selected us, and they are all adorable, loving and we couldn’t imagine life without them. However, it is important that you and the animal are well matched, and most rescue centres will ensure that the right animal ends up with the family most suited to them.

      There has been so much research showing how much owning an animal can help with many health conditions, physical and emotional. Taking on a pet of any species is a huge responsibility, and should be taken very seriously. You need to take into consideration the costs of food and medical care, holiday / work cover, safety e.g. cats near roads etc.

      Some rescue animals have been through extreme trauma, and will therefore have special needs that must be taken into account. Patch, one of our cats, was so scared of humans when we got him that it took months before anyone could touch him, and over a year before we could pick him up. This is him now (the black and white cat) with his friend Daisy the cat:


      and below is our beautiful rescue lab Rocket with my son Joe!


      So if you do feel that your family is looking for a pet of any species please do consider a rescue animal first. You will not regret it and nor will they, and you will have a friend for life! Just be sure to give them love and the time they need to settle and build their trust in humans again, and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Please ensure that the whole family is supportive and that you really area able to give your new member of the family a home for life! They deserve it and so do you.

      If you need any advice we are here to help!

      Naturally Animals

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