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      As appears fortnightly in VIP Magazine.

      Well if 2012 continues this way I’ll be the happiest woman in Ireland. First day back at crèche I bawled again though and I didn’t even have the decency to wait till I got to the car. I worried all day and then when I picked James up I observed him before I said hello and he was having a ball. Yes he’s 16 months and yes he runs rings around me or so my mother keeps telling me. As a working Mum though I feel guilty especially when he clings to you for hours when you get home. I know that’s life but it’s still difficult. As time passes and James’ understanding of the world becomes clearer I keep getting upset when I read him books with both Mummy and Daddy in them. He’s thriving but sometimes I still struggle with the idea of being a single Mum. The reason I mention this is there are some days I feel myself slipping and with my history of depression I need to make sure I’m doing everything I can to stay on top of feeling well. A few tips for mums are exercise, look at your diet and talk to someone if you’re feeling down and remember you’re only human so stop putting so much pressure on yourself!!

      On a positive note I just love work. I’ve done a couple of shoots, I was cooking on Four Live and didn’t poison anyone and I started a regular parenting slot on the Andrea Hayes radio show on a Friday evening ‘here comes the weekend’ from 6-8PM. We confirmed our headline sponsor which is a website to support and encourage breastfeeding and I would like to thank them as without their support there would be no roadshow which I’ve put my heart and soul into. It’s so true when people tell you that if you work hard you’ll see results. There have been many days over the past couple of years where I would have argued with this but now I’m beginning to see the fruits of my labour and maybe my journey was necessary, hard as it was and still is at times, to enable me to do what I’m doing. As always I need more sleep but you can’t have everything!


      These ‘rock and roll moccis’.
      I put them on around the house and he loves them. They’re also great for keeping his feet warm! €29.95

      I LOVE:

      Stop Your Escape Artist In Their Tracks & Possibly Save Their Life!
      Use it with your carseat, highchair or stroller. Officially crash tested and proven safe


      Hi Alison,
      I find it very difficult and nerve wracking to take my toddler out of the bath on my own. Are there any products that can help or advice you can give?
      Anna, Cork

      Hi Anna,
      James actually hit his head the other night as it can be quite a struggle and he never wants to get out. First make sure you have a slip-proof mat covering the bottom of the bath and second you need the award winning Clevamama™ Mother & Baby Bath towel which is perfect for newborns to toddlers. This x-large 100% cotton towel is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron allowing you to safely pick your baby up from the bath with two free hands. Completely wrap your baby and cover your baby’s head with the hood to keep in the all-important heat. This extra-large towel also helps prevent mum or dad’s clothes getting wet by their splashing toddler!
      Available from Argos RRP €18


      If your motivation to lose weight is waning maybe this will change your mind? The Irish Premature Babies charity has a unique challenge running until Paddy’s Day called ‘Pounds for Prems Weight Loss Challenge’. They are asking that for each pound a participant loose they donate €1 to the charity. The funds raised will go towards purchasing an incubator which will help hundreds of Irish Premature Babies. Everyone that loses over seven pounds will be entered into a draw to win a luxury two night hotel stay in a four star hotel!! It’s free to register and participants will have access to expert advice, healthy eating tips and lots of support from other participants.


      Weaning your baby onto solids and feeling confused? Milupa has created a website that’s a simple stage by stage guide with great recipes, meal plans and tips for Irish Mums and babies. I hope it makes weaning a little easier for everyone!


      You can always stay in touch with me and other mothers through Facebook by clicking here and liking our page!


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