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      As appears fortnightly in VIP Magazine.

      Funderland has been and gone so why did I still feel like I was on a rollercoaster? Up and down, round and round. During this wild ride I realised I’m the only person who can make it stop so I did. I could tell James was thrilled as his whinging diminished and he got his Mummies full attention back. Finding a work-life balance can be really hard for everyone. However as I’ve learnt with proper time management in place anything’s possible (well kinda)!

      The Toddler Inn, which is James crèche were having a parents evening and being the secret nerd that I am, I was so excited! Aisling gave a great talk about the importance of outdoor play. It was during this talk that I realised that throwing the bread out the kitchen window and getting James to observe through the sliding doors just didn’t cut it. So we got our coats, hats, scarves and off we went to Stephens green. Well birds in Dublin are certainly not shy (no not girls in nightclubs, the ones with wings!). They had the bread eaten out of my hand and were flying onto my arm before I even had a chance to throw it. James and Grandma thought this was hilarious. I on the other hand was terrified. James wanted to swim in the pond and kept eating the bread and I suppose through a child’s eyes this was fair as the birds were doing it.

      Rules? We all live by them and we create them but for toddlers they know no different. That got me thinking about how fearless kids are. If they don’t like something or someone for that matter they show it or tell you instantly. There’s something about that honesty that we lose on our journey into adulthood. So I’ve decided that instead of teaching James all the time maybe just maybe I’ll start to learn a thing or two from him. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and if you hear of me throwing an almighty tantrum don’t panic its all in the name of research!

      I LOVE:

      SkinCeuticals AOX + Eye Gel
      When used daily, this preventative and corrective treatment combats signs of fatigue to restore a fresh, vibrant appearance around the eyes. Essential for new and tired Mums!!
      79 euro from pharmacies nationwide


      The TUMTUM Spring-themed egg set which holds an egg firmly and keeps all the inevitable soldier debris contained as well! €14.50


      Hi Alison,
      My baby hates getting his temperature taken and I was wondering if there was a thermometer that wasn’t so invasive on the market?
      Eithne, Galway

      Hi Eithne,
      James is exactly the same when I try to put the thermometer in his ear but now you can get the first and most advanced non-contact clinical thermometer in the world. The Thermofocus takes your baby’s accurate body temperature without touching their skin. By placing the thermometer near the baby’s forehead, you can take their temperature, even as they sleep. It will give you an instant and accurate reading. Not only can you take the temperature of your child but you can also take the temperature of the room, the baby’s food, their bottle and you can also take the temperature of their bath.
      Price € 85.00


      James did his 1st presscall with me for Clevamama. Two of the hardest working mums I know and also sisters Suzanne Browne and Martina Delaney are really excited to be in this years Argos catalogue. Their products are a must for every Mum. They’ve thought of everything from feeding, safety in the home, safety in the bath and much more. It’s great to see an Irish company growing and creating jobs. Check out their full range at an Argos store near you or at

      MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER: is a great new website designed and created by Bea to help parents connect with other parents within their own area by offering a list or playgroups, classes, activities for parents with baby/toddlers available in each county so parents and kids can both enjoy and activity and socialise.

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