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      As appears fortnightly in VIP Magazine.

      I find the first everything very emotional, first step, first kiss (willingly), first word, first time feeding himself, first time dancing…well you get the picture. We recently went to the zoo again and he shrieked at every animal as it was his first time to recognise them and see them in lifesize form as he’s only used to puzzle form or flash cards during the winter months! I can only describe it as a scene comparable to someone meeting their idol. He was having complete meltdowns. He was shocked, excited and overwhelmed. I personally felt like I was going to burst with happiness watching him. When we left I put him in his car seat and before I even turned on the engine he was gone, fast asleep. I looked back and felt tears welling up as all I could think about was how much I loved him and how all the difficult days are worth it for this one moment.
      Recognising and appreciating those moments as a parent are so important. Life is so fast and busy that sometimes we don’t even see it fly by. James got a certificate of his 1st haircut with his picture and a lock of hair. It’s already with all the other firsts on his wall. The first haircut is such an important event and Sharkey’s do it best making sure the experience is both memorable and fun. It costs €19.50 including the certificate, photo, a badge, lollipop and a balloon. Log onto

      I LOVE:

      The Tug trio. A necessity for busy outings like the Zoo. Safety first and peace of mind €12.00


      This Jellycat-Bashful Duckling Baby. Great for cuddles, kisses and bedtime! €14.00 14 Exchequer Street D.2 and Dunleer Co.Louth


      Hi Alison,
      I always struggle to keep my babies face out of direct sunlight in the car. I have sunshades on the windows either side and at the back but it still manages to get through. Have you come across any products that might solve this problem?
      Dee, Sligo

      Hi Dee,
      I know exactly how you feel. I found it very irritating with James especially on holidays in Spain last year even with the sunshades. However, this month sees the launch of the new SnoozeShade for car seats. It is designed to help babies maintain their sleep patterns when on the move and this new product has all the same clever design elements as the original- It’s UPF50+ with a universal fit and breathable fabric, there’s a clever sneak-a-peak front zip, and it’s also just as easy to use and super portable! It will fit snuggly and quickly on any car seat. €21.30 available from


      Di Mayze, mum, inventor and Managing Director of the BuggyTug brand is delighted to see the TugTrio finally hit the shelves! She commented “If our tugs can help to prevent one accident or save one favourite teddy then all the hard work will have been worth it!” The TeddyTug attaches toys to the pram, preventing any cuddly favourites from ending up in a puddle several miles back, and the ToddleTug is for the little explorers, preventing them from making a run for it when mum is distracted by baby…The TugTrio might actually be the closest thing a parent can get to an extra pair (or should we say trio?) of hands! Jojomamanbebe ship free to Ireland!


      Don’t miss the Pregnancy and Baby fairs. They were an enormous help for me when I had James. Everything you need under one roof!! RDS 14/15th and Cork City Hall 21st/22nd April.

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