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      Its Christmas, we’re getting sentimental and every charity out there wants and needs help. One twelfth of the year most of us will soul search and give for many reasons but unfortunately sometimes to make ourselves feel better. The people you think you’re helping however need help all year round, maybe not for presents or a big Christmas dinner but simply to survive.

      Find a charity close to your heart and ask every question you should like:

      What exactly do you stand for?

      Where does the money go and more importantly

      Does it make a real difference?

      The only way in my opinion to make a real difference is at community level. The situation a child is born into is should not define the person they become. Nearly every parent on this planet and no I’m not naive wants to do the best for their child but we can only do what we can. How can we expect to break cycles when parents don’t have the tools to pass onto their kids?

      Education is the most powerful way to give people choices, chances and a belief in themselves that they can do more, be more and aim for more. Every child in this country deserves a great education because education brings with it choices. The parents of our children also need support as sometimes we all need help and parenting is most definitely the most difficult job in the world.

      Modern day life brings such incredible stress to almost everyone on a daily basis that we sometimes forget that communication, time and just being there can change a life forever.

      Every voice counts, every action makes a difference. Never think that you won’t matter because there is only one of you and you have the power to make someone smile every day. A smile might seem like a small gesture but to a stranger who’s having a bad day that smile could change their world. Changes happen slowly but if you were to sit in a tub with two coloured balls you might not feel their presence but if you sat in a tub with a thousand balls that bath would overflow now just imagine that happening with smiles??

      Small things do make a difference so do something small this Christmas to make a big difference in someone’s life.

      Happy Christmas everyone xxx

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