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      This month is about balance, harmony and love. As we enter the autumn we become more reflective and just like nature we prepare to let go with ease of what does not serve us. We need to settle this month, ground ourselves and create space to listen deeply and intuitively.

      We all have an extraordinary ability to ignore our body but this month with Virgos influence we are given the opportunity to ground and listen. Consciousness is something we choose to ignore never really listening properly. Because of this stress rises and often we medicate to compensate moving us further away from who we really are. When the energy of the universe is supporting us with the work as it is now, we would be crazy not to do it.

      So, this month I want you to take the time to truly listen and we have already started this in the Facebook group with deep appreciation for our body. Each week I will share simple daily mindful exercises with you. If you show up and do them; your body and mind will be in a position to release and prepare for the upcoming inevitable changes that a new season brings.

      We mirror nature so take her guide and watch as she releases the leaves gifting them back to earth to be recycled and reused. We can give our used up energy and unwanted stressors back to the universe to be transformed too.

      Being extra kind to yourself and really sinking into your heart space will enable you to soften. This softness gives your emotions and body the courage to speak to you.

      Sit, don’t judge and accept!! These steps are important because when we become frustrated or angry it’s like sending an army in to wipe out the good work. Instead we can observe these emotions without letting them take over and there is a difference. Untamed emotions cause stress, lower immunity and become like badly behaved children. Emotions are simply messengers so don’t shoot the messenger. Treat the messenger of anger the same as the messenger of joy. They both have important information for you to work with and work out.

      I will be doing a live coaching session on this and a couple of guided meditations too.

      Please send me any questions you have and I will answer them live

      Shine bright and slow down,

      With blessings


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