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      Excited??? Just a little bit.

      I am honoured to be asked to judge the awards and be in such good company.

      My fellow judges taking on the challenge for the first time are:

      Sally J Hall
      Sally J. Hall, published author and Editor of B magazine and the Bounty Gift Guide
      Jennie Henley the mum behind popular parenting blog

      As newcomers we will be joining forces with two of last year’s judges to create the ultimate panel!

      Liat PIC
      The Slow Toys Awards welcome back for the second year running, parenting journalist and author of What to Buy for Your Baby and Raising Children: The Primary Years and the soon to be published New Old-fashioned Parenting, Liat Hughes Joshi as well as
      Kate Carter
      Kate Carter, the Life and Style Editor at the Guardian

      So as you can see since its launch in 2011, The Slow Toy Awards has been honoured to have had the support of an enviable judging panel, and this year is no exception. With each judge bringing a different area of expertise, we’re all incredibly excited about 2014’s strong line-up.

      The prestigious team of judges are very well known within the parenting field and this announcement is sure to cause some excitement within the industry.

      With over 20 years’ experience in the parenting industry, having reviewed hundreds of products, edited various magazines and written the book Eco Baby, A Guide To Green Parenting, Sally J. Hall was an obvious choice. Talking about why she wanted to be involved this year, Sally said:

      “Our lives are so frenetic and so full of technology that it’s good to remind ourselves how important childhood is. We should encourage our children to engage with toys that will offer more than just beeps and flashing lights; toys that will become family favourites and be used and loved for years. I passionately believe in a child’s right to play and to ensure our children’s future on this beautiful planet, we should all stop to consider how we can make it more sustainable for them. Slow Toys achieve this with no loss of enjoyment.”

      I am passionate about the concept behind the Slow Toy Awards and have been very impressed with the winners over the past two years so I can’t wait to get started. I’m also thrilled and excited to share the movement with families in Ireland.


      what is a Slow Toy:

      A slow toy is a toy that ignites imagination, inspires creativity and gives children the freedom to develop at their own pace. It is a well made, good quality toy that stands the test of time and rather than distracting children, a Slow Toy has true play value.

      Craft Category:

      Brand new for 2014, a new category has been opened especially for craft brands. Although craft toys may not stand the test of time physically, they still ignite the imagination, inspire creativity and give children the freedom to develop at their own pace. The Slow Toy Team felt that craft products reflect the messaging behind the Slow Toy Movement and wanted to give this sector the opportunity to be recognised for a Slow Toy award.

      Crieteria Guideline:                                    

      – Must inspire the mind

      – Must not require batteries

      – Must not be made purely from plastic

      – It has to stand the test of time  (not applicable for toys entering the craft category)

      – It has to promise true play value

      – It must be a well-made toy (For craft toys – the materials must be high quality)



      Dolls Pram Both Colours low res

      836515 - 15 Model Set Main model low res

      BJT025 - Around The World Train Set Lifestyle (640x349)

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