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      I honestly feel like life keeps throwing me challenges especially when it comes to time management. I have been working on a number of projects and the past two weeks all my hard work has paid off. Only problem is it happened all at once. This meant juggling jobs, hosting events, babysitters… well you get the picture. I’m happy to say I managed most of it but I’m shattered and run down. I’m lucky though as I’m now in Spain for 10 days. Yesterday morning after I arrived I parked in a shopping centre and spent a half hour looking for my car keys in a cafe only to discover I had left them in the car and it was still running over an hour later!!

      I’m so excited to be spending a full 10 days with James and my family. I hate packing though and trying to get the washing done and get packed was a nightmare as I literally worked up till the second I left including London the day before where I began shooting a documentary about a priest called Fr. Ray who helped over 10,000 kids during his 40 years in Thailand. His story is inspirational, heart-warming and demonstrates the power of love and education.

      Myself and James, as a packing team, all went horribly wrong. Everything I packed, he unpacked and he kept cleaning which meant putting everything in places never to be found again. He’s also obsessed with putting everything in the bin. This includes shoes, expensive creams and much more!! We did a big shop in mothercare and got everything we needed. I’m so lucky the staff know James as he ran riot and wanted to make a quick escape to the fountain just outside the shop in Blanchardstown every few minutes. We got, hats, shoes, armbands, swimsuits and I also picked up a great sand/ water play table that was on sale. Our house and garden is now dotted with sand piles. I tried to explain to James that he shouldn’t mix the sand in the water and then I remembered he’s 20 months old.

      It’s a sad 10 days for us as we had to sell our apartment here bought during the good times. A lot of memories but as I keep reminding Mum, we’re happy and healthy and that’s more than a lot of people have right now. It just makes me more determined to work harder than ever. Life is a journey and you have got to take the rough with the smooth!


      Has hours of fun with his play sand and water table from ELC €59.95


      Earth friendly baby!!High quality, natural products that are healthy for babies, their friends and the planet!!  Baby eco wipes RRP €3.92   Earth Friendly Baby kit (travel size products) RRP €28.11


      I’m travelling with my toddler for the 1st time and I’m a bit nervous. Any tips to help me survive?

      Inger, Waterford?

      Hi Inger,

      The first thing to do is check with your airline about luggage as they all vary and you don’t want a nasty bill in the airport!! Make sure you leave plenty of time as travelling with a baby/toddler takes much longer. Make sure you bring all the comforts of home like a bear they sleep with. Bring basic childproofing supplies. Masking tape is great for cords, plug holes, securing cabinet doors and corners. Examine the floors when you get there for small objects they can put in their mouth. Favourite foods like Ellas, organix etc. Disposable bibs are also great. Hamilton sunscreen is also great for sensitive skin. Hope this help. Enjoy!


      I recently just hosted The Family First Awards in the Westbury hotel. It was a great afternoon and I’d like to say congratulations to the winners who included, Mothercare, Tesco, Waterwipes, Mummypages, waterbabies, Cocoon childcare and many more. It was the first year and because of the response next year’s date is already confirmed for Friday 24th of May in the mansion house. These awards are voted by the public so we can’t wait to see who you vote for next year. There will also be extra categories including “Mum of the Year”, “Dad of the Year”, “Grandparent of the Year”, “GP of the Year” and “Teacher of the Year” to name but a few!


      Reading is crucial for our children’s development. Try to make a bed time story part of your routine. It relaxes them and stimulates their imagination and yours!!!

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