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      Language, words, short, long, good, bad. We use them both wisely and unwisely and our mouths can be a weapon of destruction or a warm welcome. Recently language has been coming up for me more and more. First it started with a look at how much I complain for 24 hours and then it moved quickly to the understanding that our words have vibrations and every time we speak we are making a contract with the universe. In other words what we say we receive.

      Now before we get panicked and get carried away its important to remember that we are human beings and all imperfectly perfect, however as a mindful group I wanted us to bring our mindful attention this month to our language.

      This is going to happen in 5 steps

      1. The first step is awareness and without surrendering fully to this step, we can’t really become clear about our words and intentions.


      1. Then for a full 24 hours DON’T COMPLAIN – this is a very interesting exercise and what you will start to notice is that we complain to fill in the gaps in conversations and then also just simply out of habit. During these 24 hours take note of how easily you get pulled into complaining with others.


      1. Now we need to use MY STOP-CATCH – CHANGE technique. When you catch yourself talking negatively you stop, catch yourself and change direction.


      1. Then remove words and sentences like try and I can’t afford. These words dictate your present and your future. Instead make a statement like; I can do…… instead of I’ll try or This is not the wisest use of my abundance when faced with something you would usually say you can’t afford.


      1. Finally start your day with words of positive intention like: Today is a great day, I give thanks for this perfect day – I am whole, perfect, loving, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy. Everything I needs comes to me at the perfect time.

      This definitely takes some effort in the beginning but if you consciously watch your words you will feel a lightness of being and changes in so many ways. Language is so beautiful when used in a more positive way. We can change our vibration and nourish every cell in our body with good words. Try some of these phrases and prayers:


      Where would you have me go
      What would you have me do
      What would you have me say
      And to whom
      I greet this day with love
      Thank you for this perfect day
      Miracle shall follow miracle
      And wonders shall never cease


      I am blessed and loved
      I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy


      Thank you for today
      I release everything that no longer serves me
      I go to sleep in peace
      Tomorrow is a new day with new beginnings
      And I am excited for what’s to come my way
      Please comment below and share your thoughts in the group
      Alison xx

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