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Paris is a really special place and this trip was my first time in paris not modelling. I started modelling there when I was 15. At that time it was daunting and very intimidating but this time 21 years later all I saw was beauty, both architecturally and in the people and cultural charm. I adore Parisian women, full of effortless elegance and style.

artisan truffe low res

We stopped by Le Bon Marche for lunch and it did not disappoint. The food isles are divine, food lovers heaven! We stopped to have lunch at a truffle bar. I adore truffles. Black, white, summer, winter- I love them all. On the current menu they were still using summer truffle as the winter one will not be out till the beginning of December. The white truffle they use is from Alba in Italy. She said the price for premium black truffle can reach up to €5000/6000 at which point I nearly fell off my chair!! I’ve always had expensive taste just a pity I can’t afford it!!

rocket risotto low res

I choose Risotto and as you can see it did not disappoint! The fresh truffle shavings were incredible. I love the peppery taste of rocket and I use it myself a lot at home.

low res close up

To top off my excitement there was truffle salt and truffle balsamic vinegar.


And yes “Le Bon Marche” next time i’m in Paris I’ll be back xx



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