Precious Moments / Keepsakes

As appears monthly in VIP.

Alison and JamesWhen I was out for lunch recently there was a newborn baby at the next table, a tiny precious bundle. But wait my baby is a newborn? Was he really that small? Where is the time going? James is turning into a little bruiser! I wanted to remember his little hands and feet. The same ones I want to eat every time I change his nappy.

I see changes in him daily. Babies grow so fast. If I get 2 wears out of a babygrow I’m doing well. These are special times, every little smile warms my heart and when he giggles it brings a tear to my eye (that could also be tiredness though!) I could wallpaper the house with photos but I wanted more; something special.

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Practical tips – out & about with baby in tow

As appears monthly in VIP.

Alison and JamesWow is the only way to start this months topic. Leaving the house has become quite an ordeal. I’m getting quite good at it now but I still never fail to leave something behind including James! I was so preoccupied with having the buggie, blankets, his bag, my bag that when I started the car I turned around and realised I had left James in the hall. Of course I apologised to him straight away safe in the knowledge that he’ll never remember a thing.
The key is to have an organised bag and the key to that, is to buy a bag that’s easy to organise. I’ve found that an outside insulated bottle holder and clips that attach to the pushchair have been very helpful. Everything needs to be within reach when your juggling so many items.

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