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    Category: Be Love

    Baby Socks

    There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to match your socks as an adult. But even more annoying is not being able to match baby socks. At the same time I was missing mini socks, the washing machine broke. With a new baby who soils a lot of clothes and 4 adults in the… Continue reading Baby Socks

    Baby James’ Christening

    The time is going by so fast and my Mum kept asking about The Christening. She wasn’t nagging but her generation presume you will be christening your baby. The church in Ireland has certainly done nothing for the cause but as a new mother I had to look deeper. I decided I wanted James christened,… Continue reading Baby James’ Christening

    Developmental Play

    It’s been a busy month. The Pregnancy and Baby fair was a huge success. I was on hand to give advice about Teetha and Spatone and it was great to meet so many Mums to be and new Mums like myself. It was double the size of last year with some great products that I… Continue reading Developmental Play


    As appears monthly in VIP. You’ve just managed to get some kind of order into your life. You start to relax and think, ‘hey I’ve got this parenting thing sorted’ and all of a sudden big red rosy cheeks appear. Along with drooling, a very sad little face and a quivering bottom lip, this my… Continue reading Teething

    Precious Moments / Keepsakes

    As appears monthly in VIP. When I was out for lunch recently there was a newborn baby at the next table, a tiny precious bundle. But wait my baby is a newborn? Was he really that small? Where is the time going? James is turning into a little bruiser! I wanted to remember his little… Continue reading Precious Moments / Keepsakes


    Mum’s the word I’ve created this part of my site for new Mums. A new little bundle of joy is the greatest gift you could ever be given. That new baby smell and their tiny little fingers and toes. You stare at them watching for every breath. You created this little person and it’s one… Continue reading Mums

    La Leche League

    Breast Feeding – La Leche League My name is Joan Broe and I am a La Leche League Leader. I am also the mother of two fantastic boys, aged 9 and 6. I had a lot of difficulty and needed medical assistance to help me conceive my first son and so I was hoping that… Continue reading La Leche League

    Practical tips – out & about with baby in tow

    As appears monthly in VIP. Wow is the only way to start this months topic. Leaving the house has become quite an ordeal. I’m getting quite good at it now but I still never fail to leave something behind including James! I was so preoccupied with having the buggie, blankets, his bag, my bag that… Continue reading Practical tips – out & about with baby in tow

    Baby Blues

    Ssshhh It’s a secret! Daft isn’t it in this day and age. Suffering from the baby blues does not make you a bad Mum, wife, partner or anything else for that matter. It happens to nearly 60/70% of women and no one is 100% sure why it affects some women and not others. You cry… Continue reading Baby Blues