Step two after the utmost important step of cleansing: once the skin is clean of impurities and the pH is balanced, the skin is ready to take in all the goodness your moisturiser can give. A good moisturiser should be for your skin type and condition and will hydrate, nourish and protect… from here, everything else is a bonus!

So what is a moisturiser? It’s an emulsion which means it’s made of water and oil. Generally, the richer a cream feels, the more oil it has in its base and will usually be better for a dry skin. The lighter a cream, the more water in the base and can be more appealing to an oily skin. Sounds so simple, yes? Well… not really! A moisturiser’s texture is very important to the user, but so often, we’re choosing the wrong product for our skin type. Very regularly a woman will look at her skin, see visible pores around the nose, and automatically deems her skin to be oily: she will then buy her cream to compliment this self-diagnosis. After a few weeks, months or even years, she’ll wonder why her skin feels so tight, looks so dry, or she just can’t moisturise enough!

Then how do we choose? Recommendations from a Skin Therapist about your skin type and condition is the perfect place to start. Your skin care specialist will listen to your skin overview, will analyse visually and by touch, and help you to discover your skin type and any conditions present: i.e. are you dry, oily, sensitive, etc. Your Therapist can apply a moisturiser of their recommendation so you can feel its effect, how it penetrates and its finish.

And what exactly should a moisturiser do? As mentioned at the beginning: hydrate, nourish and protect! Being an organic range, PHYT’S uses many different vegetable oils in the base of their moisturisers: Argan, Sunflower, Wheatgerm, Hemp, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Sesame Seed, Olive… the list goes on. These vegetable oils contain essential fatty acids, vital to normal cell functioning, and are full of antioxidant Vitamins: A, C, E, F… and it is these oils that will hydrate, nourish and protect. On top of that, PHYT’S use other plant extracts to give other benefits to the skin: regeneration, toning, firming, balancing, antibacterial, healing, calming, stimulating… the benePHYT’S are never ending!

So sun cream isn’t necessary to protect? YES IT IS!!! When needed: as in when you will be outdoors for long periods exposed to UV rays, winter or summer. If day to day you are indoors and not outside in daylight hours, particularly in winter: PLEASE do not panic about SPF (sun protection factor) being included in your moisturiser. A moisturiser is applied once in the morning, so even if you have an SPF of 20 included in the cream, you would have to reapply by midday to give your skin UV protection again in the afternoon. Let’s be honest, who reapplies their daily moisturiser? Yep, no client I know! That’s why everyone should have an SPF (minimum 30 for face) to hand at home, in the car, in the bag, wherever, so when the great outdoors comes a calling, you’re readily protected.

How should we apply a moisturiser? Take a small amount and simply dot the cream onto each area of your face and neck (with PHYT’S, always include your eyelids and lips). Using your fingertips massage cream into the skin: it will spread beautifully with the heat from your fingers and massaging it in thoroughly guarantees its penetration into the skin.

Top PHYT’S picks for moisturisers:

Always get a recommendation from a trained PHYT’Skin Therapists, but our hot sellers include:

Phyt’ssima Soin Visage

For dry / chapped skin. Argan, Hemp, Shea Butter, Rosewood. A really rich moisturiser which leaves you wonder how did this penetrate when it disappears into your skin! Skin feels relieved of dryness and irritations, feeling soft, supple and protected all day.


Crème Phytonagre

For hormonally sensitized skins / capillary issues, and all round firming cream. Evening Primrose, Borage, Vanilla, Juniper, Camphor. An enveloping cream to reduce sensitivities, firm, nourish and comfort, particularly when the capillaries are inflamed or there is a tendency towards rosacea. In general, gives excellent results for firming so hence it flies off the shelves!


Crème Reviderm

For dull, depleted skins in need of oxygenating. Chlorophyll, Shea Butter, Acerola, Kombu Seaweed. Like a wave crashing on your skin and awakening it to bring out vitality! A more fluid texture which still gives protection, even in winter, and full of stimulating, brightening and oxygenating ingredients. Improves microcirculation bringing freshness and regeneration to all the skin cells.


The list goes on, just check out our product lines ! Happy moisturising

Written by Dearbhala Brennan from Phyts Ireland

I have adult acne, which gets me down sometimes and during the height of my modeling career in New York I took wickedly strong medications, which worked temporarily but now I question at what cost? I have spent the past few years studying health and wellness and cleaning up my own lifestyle and health habits and even though I’m really healthy now, shock horror I still struggle sometimes!!

This is important to understand because sometimes there are no miracle cures in life for day to day life and even though I know my current breakouts are caused by hormonal imbalances I am personally not helping the situation as I am quite stressed and staying up working late but, these are areas I have promised myself I will tackle and get on top off to help rebalance myself again.

In 2015 I developed and launched my new website, I was back in college studying and I wrote my first book not forgetting my most important job as a mum. My skin is now still wearing 2015 but not for long I hope!!

I had a meeting with Virginie from Phyt’s Ireland about my skin and yesterday I had one of the best facials I have ever had called The Luminescence Facial.

It’s anti-ageing and firming facial, tailored to each clients skin and it takes 90 minutes and let me tell you I enjoyed every single second of the 90 minutes!!


  • First Virginie cleansed with Lait Nettoyant to remove makeup, colourants, products and pollutants.
  • Then she toned with Eucalyptus to rebalance the skins pH, remove any excess cleanser and brighten the skin.
  • Some exfoliation was next with Gommage Contact+ to remove all dead cells and prepare the skin for a better absorption of ingredients.
  • Then she applied some Serum C17 all over the face, neck, lips and eyelids to stimulate, nourish, and rebalance the skin and then the Naturoderm, a natural antiseptic after extraction.

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, phyts organic skincare

  • Over the serum, she applied the Mask D’O (above) all over my face including eyelids and lips ( which is safe as its natural). This mask is made of peppermint and chamomile to soothe and refresh the skin A MUST for any dull, sensitive skin! This was my favorite part. The mask was calming and refreshing and felt wonderful.
  • Virginie then dampened 2 gauze pieces and applied a little toner to them. She placed the gauze in position for PHYT’S Pressure Point Technique which was so relaxing.
  • She removed the mask with sponges and tepid water, and toned with the Eucalyptus toner to keep brightening the skin!
  • Then she performed a personalized massage with the remaining Serum C17 and mixed a little Phyt’ssima with the serum for more slip and for essential fatty acids to plump and soften the skin.

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, phyts organic skincare

  • Then it was time to prepare for my Aqua Peel-Off Mask (above), which was left to set for 10min (which is an amazingly long time for any busy mum to chill and relax for) and peel it off. The mask is made of rosemary and Aloe Vera, which helps to stimulate the skins microcirculation which results in bringing the most radiant skin’s complexion to life.
  • Finally Virginie moisturised with suitable PHYT’S Creme Reviderm to oxygenate and revitalise the skin due to its chlorophyll and plankton ingredients

Phyts facial, Virginie, v claire, harolds cross, acne treatment, natural facial, skincare, beauty, be complete, alison canavan, before and after, phyts organic skincare

These are the before and after with NO filters used. The grey and dullness was definitely lifted from my skin and we also did a lot of extraction which my skin badly needed and not only did my skin feel great but I did too.

It’s really important to take this time for ourselves. My skin has been getting me down lately but I felt much better yesterday after giving myself some love and attention.


“Alison’s skin is a prototype adult skin going through breakout due to hormonal imbalance, due to stress. I wouldn’t consider Alison’s skin oily, actually when I looked at her skin she didn’t have any blackheads on her nose, forehead and very little on the chin. An oily skin produces excess oil, which means blocked pores and blackheads over the T-zone. Most of adult problem skins should not be treated as an oily skin and DEFINITELY should not use products for oily skin.”

For more information or to book an appointment contact Virginie at or call  (01) 497 8833 Facial cost €80

Cleansing is such an important part of our skincare routine but it is also the area where we most frequently cut corners. Check out our new video where I find out how to cleanse properly


For all products and product information contact Virginie from PHYTS IRELAND

Happy cleansing

Ali xxx