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      Honestly wouldn’t it be great to wake up and find out a magic fairy had spent the night cleaning, sorting and doing the washing… OK back to reality. The washing was still on the line from the day before as it rained about 10 times on it so I just gave up. My room was a mess, all James clothes needed sorting and in general the house needed to be cleaned from top to bottom. I didn’t know where to start. Life is a constant balancing act. My work routine has no routine so some weeks something’s gotta give.

      It’s interesting with kids though as they thrive on routine. Every morning James has to have a banana the minute he wakes up and every night he has a story and I have a chat to Mr. Bear and Mrs Ellie and fill them in on our day. James then keeps them safe for the night tucked tightly under each arm and when he wakes he waves goodbye for the day. We have a special kissing dance and when I beg him not to hug me it of course ensures I get the biggest cuddle ever.

      We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything perfectly. I’m sitting in an office right now that needs to be sorted but I just haven’t time to do everything. Knowing I have a little boy who is in bed happy is the most important thing right now. I often get emails asking how I recovered from PND and part of my recovery was learning to let go of trying to be supermom and learning to live in the moment. Yes I still have a slight feeling of panic and anxiety as I write this but I balance it out with deep breaths and meditation. My only advice is that it is better to be present for your child and have an untidy house than have a clean house but not be present as a Mum. Life is hard enough and our kids won’t be kids forever. This week I have a day off Saturday so I’m looking forward to having a clean house then!!

      I LOVE:

      This skin perfecting BB cream from the sanctuary. For busy mums it gives a glow, moisturises and conceals in a flash €18.99


      His Tiger ‘silly bib’   €6.95 from


      With summer approaching and our weather being unpredictable keeping kids entertained can be expensive. Now you can get Netflix “just for kids” for only €6.99 a month. Kids can watch their favourite characters with no commercials and parents can feel comfortable knowing everything is age appropriate. I used to use Netflix in New York and it really is a great service. I always have late fees with DVDS so Netflix solves that problem too. Try it free for a month  Now we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse back to back and James can do “the hotdog dance” whenever he likes!


      Hi Alison,

      My baby always seems to sweat really badly in the car seat. Is there a particular brand that is better or are they all the same?  Jess, Galway

      Hi Jess,

      It happens in all car seats but you can buy an Anti-Transpiration layer for a car seat by AeroSleep from retailers nationwide. It has a patented 3D honeycomb structure through which the air circulates freely. Your baby will no longer sweat in the car as through this layer of air, excessive body heat is removed and ambient fresh air supplied. Your baby’s body temperature is kept under control so there is no chance of heat congestion. In winter, the car seat immediately feels pleasantly warm making sure that all year round nap time is comfy and sweat free! €24.95


      Toddlers are natural born helpers so let them help with small chores like putting their plastic bowls and cups in the dishwasher or wet clothes in the dryer. James loves handing me pegs for the line in the garden. Makes them feel important!

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