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    Toddlers and questions?? Wow I honestly never expected so many. I have heard about the ‘but why?’ and ‘what’s that?’ but I really believe that James is taking it to another level. We were driving past St Patrick’s Cathedral and he asked what it was. I said it was a large church called a cathedral and he asked ‘what do people go there for?’ I said to pray and he asked ‘Why?’ I replied ‘because they’re Catholic’ and he said ‘are we an Atholic?’ ‘Yes’ I said and with a very concerning look he replied ‘well why don’t we go?’ I never expected to be caught out by a 2 year old and as any mature parent like me would do in this situation I told him to ask Nana.

    But honestly I never realized I was going to have to start studying to raise a toddler. Thank god for Google and IPhones. To add to my increasing fear of not having enough knowledge general or otherwise to raise a toddler my sister very helpfully bought him a book full of Australian animals of which I knew about three names. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself and I spent a lot of time working in Australia clearly not absorbing the culture or animal names at all but then I remembered I could probably name nearly every bar and nightclub, districts they’re in and which ones were good and bad. That’s something to be proud off, right?

    On average toddlers ask about 300 questions a day from the minute they wake until bedtime. It is really wonderful to see them develop and experience everything for the first time. The buds on the trees and the real beauty in the simple things that we take for granted which got me thinking that maybe we could learn a thing or two from all these questions. Most of all appreciating the simple things we’re surrounded with every day of our lives. For me I’m rediscovering my inner child and oh yeah.. finding out I’m a hippocrate.


    This wooden bear is always smiling, but he’s happiest when fully dressed! Getting dressed won’t be such a puzzle once zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying, and other dressing skills are mastered. Each skill is contained on a separate, wooden puzzle piece for easy practice. Develop fine motor and life skills with this great activity. €17.95

    I just bought these to help make the transition from nappies to pants easier. They are made using Dribble Bubbs technology, for more information on this amazing absorbent and waterproof design €14.80


    Hi Alison,

    I had a baby 6 months ago and have a summer wedding coming up. Can you recommend and good underwear to help me feel a bit more confident?


    Hi Tara,

    Well I’m a huge fan of all shape underwear and infact I wore the Lytess Sculpt and Slim shape-wear for the VIP awards. Infused with caffeine and Shea Butter, Lytess Sculpt and Slim technology works continuously to remove fat and moisturize, leaving you slimmer and smoother. At the same time, this shapewear is invisible and comfortable under clothing. Using a stretchy knit, specially designed to take the exact shape of your body Lytess Sculpt & Slim provides great support and unique comfort while working to shift those extra inches. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna and Beyoncé have long recognised that shapewear is a lifesaver for scrutinising paparazzi lens and making any gown, red carpet ready. Enjoy your wedding!


    FOR MUM:

    Feel confident in the Lytess Corrective Shorty. €49.90


    THROWING a Babyshower. If you’re pregnant or you know someone who is then there is no better way to celebrate the expected arrival than to host a baby shower. Blooming Baby Showers is a unique brand that is offering mums-to-be a charming range of beautiful stationery and party ware €3.49 – €14.99 DOWNLOADING the ‘Postnatal Pilates by Reform Apps’. There are 3 apps with short manageable workouts that will help build self-esteem and increase energy levels. Each of the App workouts contain a series of specific exercises designed to gently build deep abdominal and lower back strength and assist with recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. Life is a Workout…especially if you are a new mum. A fit body and mind will help you adjust to being a new Mum.

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