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      Temporary reward schemes (jellies, I’m desperate), bribary, late nights working, eating crap food, no exercise, washing not done, lost all my accounts on my computer…. You might have guessed it my healthy and organized start to the year has not just gone wrong but completely bonkers off the wall kind of wrong.

      James tugs (hugs) and tisses (kisses) are pulling me through right now and as I hold him tight I beg him not to grow up- silently in my head of course or he’ll find out that I’m crazy and its too early for that. He’s obsessed with Elmo’s potty training DVD and no we are not even close to that stage yet. He keeps saying potty, poo poo and pee pee in public and I react like this “James don’t be silly saying rude things” and turn to the person and explain how funny it is as I’ve never heard him saying that before. This usually happens in a bank, post office or anywhere else there is an uncomfortable and deathly silence. Does he know this is a perfect time to embarrass me? On a more serious note I am hoping that Elmo makes potty training easier. James is fascinated and claps ferociously and calls me in to tell me Elmo’s friend went to potty for the first time and they are all so proud of her. He then turns to me and says Mummy are you proud of me? It’s at this very point that my heart melts and I’m reminded of what’s really important in life. Who cares about not doing everything perfectly and I’m never making another resolution, as I was very happy in December!

      What I have realized though is to be in your children’s memories tomorrow you have to be in their lives today and in my opinion that means being present and spending quality time with them. We might not have a lot of it but when we do make it count. I’m starting a new healing course tomorrow; yes I’ll try anything. So my next column will be full of chakras, auras and insightful spiritual knowledge. I think. Watch this space.


      I love this multi award winning and rather wonderful Sungglebundl, the world’s first baby lifting blanket. This innovative product was designed to help parents move baby from A to B easily without disturbing the little one’s slumber and without incurring backache. It is now available in a new super soft and breathable fabric. €47.80

      Orla Fallon, an award winning harpist, singer and former member of Celtic Women has just released a must have CD for any new parent. Recorded in Kansas City and produced by Dan Shea, ‘Lullaby Time’ is a project very close to her heart as she was expecting her little boy Freddie when she recorded it. Stunning, a must for anyone whether you’ve children or not! €18.39


      Hi Alison,

      My baby is 6 months and I recently read I should be giving her Vitamin D still. Is this really necessary and why?  Nessa, Wicklow

      Hi Nessa,

      This is actually a very common question. Vitamin D is important during pregnancy, for new mums, babies and toddlers. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium. Therefore if your baby doesn’t have enough it won’t absorb the calcium from the milk its being fed. It is mandatory to give your baby Vitamin D for the first twelve months and I would say beyond. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin so no prizes for guessing why we don’t have enough. Shield Health has recently brought out a pump version making it easy to give the correct dosage every day. Vitamin D is important for the Maintenance of Healthy Bones & Teeth, Immune System and Muscle Function.


      FOR BABY:

      BabyVit D3 Pump €10.95 and all good pharmacies

      FOR MUM:

      This La Bougie candle by perfumer Lucy Hagerty using essential oils and aromatics. ‘Dark Rose & Myrtle’ is a deeply seductive fragrance that has taken eighteen months to perfect. €19.95-€29.95



      STOPPING THE SPREAD of all these nasty bugs by using Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum for Kids. This school bag/ creche must-have is unlike any other hand hygiene product. Advanced Anti Bacterial Technology gets rid of 99.99% bacteria and creates an invisible, soft-skin glove to prevent re-infection for an incredible 8 hours! €2.99  50ml good pharmacies (pic for this) WATCHING Les Miserables for the 5th time in the cinema as I genuinely think I missed my calling as a musical actress… LISTENING to Omharmonics to meditate for 10 mins every day

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