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      Come Dine with Me – Festive Special!
      “Greet and Eat” with Father Christmas at Hamleys

      Look behind you!!

      Look behind you!

      Well visiting Santa sure has changed since I was a kid. Being a big kid myself i’m pretty happy about this as I also get to indulge, giggle, have fun and most of all watch James smiling from ear to ear. My cool as a cucumber son was colouring for Santa when he approached him in Hamleys and James very casually (as you do when you’re 2) said Hiya!

      I like this guy… Does he have to hold my hand though??

      For an extra special visit to Father Christmas this year, Hamleys in Dundrum has rolled out an exclusive 5 star experience, with an hour-long visit with Father Christmas that includes entertainment and games, a Christmas goodie bag, and a tasty meal specially prepared in Santa’s kitchen.  Numbers are limited to just 20 children per visit, and each child is guaranteed special time with Father Christmas.

      Don’t look mum in the eye and she’ll never notice yum!!

      James thought all his birthdays had come at once when he had a plate full of goodies. This never happens at home so another bonus point for Santa in our house. From Saturday 10th November until Christmas Eve visitors can enjoy an exciting breakfast, lunch, or tea-time meeting with Father Christmas and his elves, costing €25 per child.  Breakfast is scheduled from 7.30am until 8.30am, making a fantastic start to the day, and something to tell everyone in school or crèche.  Tea time with Father Christmas is from 5.00pm to 6.00pm daily, and on Saturdays and Sundays there is also a lunchtime visit starting at 12.00 noon.

      Meals include nutritious children’s favourites such as Christmas tree toast, scrambled eggs, beans, hot pancakes and pastries, served with juice and hot chocolate, and a sweet treat for afters.  Tea and coffee is provided for adults.

      Children aged from two to eleven years are catered for in this magical experience.. Why not plan a special occasion around it, be it a Birthday or Christmas party. Bookings to meet Father Christmas in Hamleys can be made online at in-store at the customer service point on the first floor or call 012924900.

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