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      naturally animals dog 2

      Many of us may have seen the news this week about the youngest girl in world with type 2 diabetes, at only 3 years of age! This is both sad and shocking but unfortunately it will not be the first. We are now all aware that ‘we are what we eat’ and that we are tempted daily by a cocktail of synthesised, chemically ridden food pumped with additives that make us crave them. Well unfortunately this is also true for our pets.

      When it comes to our pets, they are completely dependent on us, their ‘owners’ for what they eat! That is a big responsibility. Most pets now are fed commercial food, many are on dried ‘kibble’. Just like much of our processed food, manufacturers promise that these are perfectly balanced and meet all your animals’ nutritional needs, but quite simply they don’t! Would you be fooled into thinking that if you fed your child the same dried nuggets every day that that would be a balanced diet?

      One of the leading causes of obesity (which is a now major problem for our pets of all species) is dry processed foods. Most commercial foods are high in calories and low in nutrients. Dogs, for example, will eat until they are full, so eating these highly processed feeds loaded with empty calories will lead very quickly to weight and health problems. Unfortunately an increasing number of dogs and cats are also now being diagnosed with Diabetes (Note: According to the American Centre for Disease Control, 80% of childhood-onset diabetes is vaccine-induced – more about this in a later blog!) Ref canine Health concern).   

      Feeding a pet naturally is easy and fun! For example dogs will thrive on a variety from the following list: (Ref canine Canine Health Concern)

      • Raw Meaty Bones – chicken or turkey (wings, backs, necks or whole carcasses), lamb (necks and ribs), pork (ribs), oxtail, rabbit. Or the whole animal where appropriate.
      • Raw Meat – chicken, tripe/offal, turkey, duck, beef, lamb, rabbit, fish (raw or tinned).
      • Vegetables (lightly steamed) – cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, kale, green beans, carrots.
      • Other food items – fruit, eggs, natural yoghurt, garlic/herbs, honey, grains.
      • Supplements – used where appropriate and/or to aid treatment of specific conditions –at Naturally Animals we can advise on the best-unprocessed supplements for all your species.

      So you have the power to ensure that all of your pets thrive and it starts with their diet! We are here to help and answer any questions but enjoy doing the research and experimenting and just see how much your lovely pet appreciates it!

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