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      I love every day including Monday but I was extra tired this morning as I worked all weekend and I really didn’t feel like my usual chirpy self. On top of that we woke up late, but I have a rule on days like this, which happen to us all and that rule is

      • I have to try harder.

      I have lots of different methods I use but this morning I had a 5-minute disco and then I went into my room and screamed into my pillow. Why did I scream into my pillow? Well, James wouldn’t get dressed, I stubbed my toe (not once but twice) and I spilt milk. So as crazy as it sounds I went into my room and screamed into my pillow and I instantly felt better. When I do this it releases tension and I find myself laughing and I feel lighter. Have you ever felt like you just wanted to scream? Well if the answer is yes then just do it! Just try not to do it near anyone who might report you for being crazy!

      After I dropped James to school I sat and wrote my gratitude list because the best time to write your list sometimes is when things are going wrong. I decided on my daily affirmation, which for today was

      “Today is a great day”

      and do you know what it worked, today was a great day. Sometimes positivity comes easy but today was a little life lesson that reminded me that sometimes you have to try a bit harder but it was worth it in the end

      Ali xxx

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