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      In life we will always have friends or family members who have a negative outlook on life. Now of course I get stick for my positive outlook on life from all directions. It’s easy for me I have no children yet or I’m not married yet. A family member once said one day “Oh you’ll know what it feels like to be hungover having your children jump on you at 6am in the morning”. But positivity comes from within no matter the distractions or life choices we make on the outside. If people want to be negative, let them.

      BUT I do believe in the importance of having a positive outlook on life. It’s the reason why I wake up. Now from my own personal opinion I do believe contrary to what other books have stated it’s important in life to have “I hate my life days”. When the rug is pulled underneath your feet, a chain of misfortune and the house of cards is falling around you. To remember that feeling or place and think right, that hurt like getting a smack in the face from a heavyweight boxer. On days like that, I come home from work, jump straight into the shower and imagine all my misfortune washing out of my life down the drain. I visualise a white light beaming full of energy to every inch of my body. I find my “happy mood playlist” dance around my kitchen without a worry in the world. Then I start to think on the positive. Everybody has stress, money problems with or without kids but its how we shake off those grey days and get back on the happy buzz.

      Ah now listen to me right now. We all know people in life and make excuses for them. But not anymore, you hear me! I call them COFFEE & KICKS they invite you out for coffee and love the fact that you’re going through tough times. They wait for you to fall, pretend that they want to help & support you. But in some weird & twisted way they feed off your misfortune in the guise of love & support. I don’t care how long you know each other, what the connection, what they did for you in the past. Cut out these people in your life until they change their ways. Not yours. I know some of you reading this will know who these people are in your life. Trust me; stop being surrounded by their negativity. The one thing I love about life. We are all unique, all individual, and all full of that beaming white light we call life. Shine On.

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