who needs help rebalancing her energy and recharging her batteries after the summer break! The award-winning Marker Spa & Wellness area includes a 23 metre long infinity pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and relaxation area right in the heart of Dublin’s docklands – the perfect setting to unwind and be pampered.

The lucky winner will select two of the following and indulge in 30 minutes of each (60 minute total treatment time)

  • Customised back massage: a deeply relaxing or a thoroughly invigorating massage.
  • Facial: a soothing facial, personalized for your complexion, is a wonderful way to relax and unwind.
  • An Indian head massage: perfect for releasing stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulder area
  • The award winning Lava Shell treatment: the world’s first self-heating massage therapy treatment encourages the body’s natural energy flow and nurtures a balanced body and mind


*If you would like to book the “Back to School” treatments or require further information please phone the Spa team on 01-6875194 or email

Packages are available from August 31st – October 2nd 2015, Monday – Friday.

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  1. Carmel Corcoran
    Carmel Corcoran says:

    My children are of the older variety, all adults. They all live at home as the housing market is beyond their budgets. It gets so stressful here with everyone invading each other’s space, this wasn’t a problem when they were younger. I seem to be always piggy in the middle. Would love this treatment(s) to help me relax and cope better, making life easier for us all.

  2. Rosie Whelan
    Rosie Whelan says:

    I’m so busy trying to get my face painting business off the ground as well as looking after 3 children and recently signed up for personal training sessions at 6.30 am 5 days a week! I look exhausted and need a treat

  3. Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis says:

    So Alison, I would love to win this spa treatment, I had my 3rd child in March and just returned to work on the 2nd of September to say I’m finding it stressful is an understatement but I know it will all come together once I get a little routine going ! I’m sure this spa treatment would be amazing and give me that me time that every Mammy needs …just a little cause ❤

  4. davina long
    davina long says:

    I would live this .. dont deserve it any more than any other mum but after the past 18mths it would be amazing to win 18 months ago my then 4 yr old daughter was diagnosed with cancer (shes doing good) then 12mths ago i was in a car crash and broke my leg in 3 places and am left with a limp and an almost constant swollen ankle then my oldest daughter became pregnant and has been hospitalised due to problems with breathing and baby so ive been up the walls lately that coupled with 8 kids from 3 to 17 yrs old preschool to college drop offs and pick ups each day makes each day insanely busy with chemo trips and lumbar punctures thrown in every few weeks for good measure a day off pretending its all a distant memory would be FABULOUS

  5. Antoinette Kassaris
    Antoinette Kassaris says:

    I so need a little treat and some me time’ it’s been a really tough year and need to recharge the batteries please!

  6. Sandra Fitzpatrick
    Sandra Fitzpatrick says:

    Best wishes with “Be Complete” you deserve it. I would love this treat as my two have gone back to secondary and as a single mum they are awesome dudes but after undergoing breast surgery last week in St Vincent’s I would love a treat and time to switch off. Love n light

  7. Andrea Kelly
    Andrea Kelly says:

    I am Mammy to two beautiful girls aged 4yrs and 20mths and as a teacher am back to school myself! I miss my two pals terribly since going back! I’d love this treat as being a working Mum I rarely get a chance to have some “me time.” Life is so busy that sometimes, to be honest, I just forget to look after myself so it would be lovely to have some time out x

  8. paula
    paula says:

    This prize sounds amazing and would be a fabulous treat where I’d be able to relax and enjoy something just for me without feeling guilty. Fingers and toes crossed :-) ♡

  9. Anita Murphy
    Anita Murphy says:

    Would absolutely love a pampering day. With two little Boys and being busy day&night would love to slow down and have some relaxing time.

  10. Mary Theresa O Sullivan
    Mary Theresa O Sullivan says:

    Would love me time away from the stresses of modern day life and where better than in the lovely Marker Hotel spa to relieve all the strains .

  11. Darcy Cameron
    Darcy Cameron says:

    I’m a mom of 4, aged 11 down to 2. I mind another few for my sins. Between football & swimming & school runs & cooking etc I never get any down time. To have a break from the whining & “MOM” calling would be bliss :)

  12. Edel
    Edel says:

    My Mum would be so over the moon if I win this (for her!)… She’s been a full time career for my Dad the past few years who is battling brain cancer. This would be the ultimate day of pampering for her! x

  13. Alison
    Alison says:

    Would absolutely love this for some chill out time after a crazy few weeks changing my career path ..would be fab to experience treatments in the marker hotel

  14. Avril
    Avril says:

    I’d absolutely love this. Going through a floored stage of my fibromyalgia/ME journey and needs some tlc it would be great. Growing my own little blog called apalershadeofbeauty to try help there going through illness x

  15. emer
    emer says:

    I’d actually love to give it to my sister please! She’s having a new baby in 2 months and it’s her first one. She’s very stressed out and this would be lovely for her xx

  16. Una mcgee
    Una mcgee says:

    I saw your competition while I was rubbing my husbands back tonight and thought I love this prize. I need this please. I just had a baby 3 months ago and could do with this break please even such a short space of time I be really thankful. Thank you
    Good luck everybody.

  17. Bernie Pollock
    Bernie Pollock says:

    Would absolutely love this as a busy mum to 4 kids from ages 2.5 -7 , 3 with additional needs there’s very little time for me!

  18. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Im heading back to work tomorrow from maternity leave & I have the fear! My little one starts crèche & I’m dreading how its all going to work out! To have this treat to look forward to would be incredible as its going to be tough trying to juggle life with full time work, husband who travels alot with work & household to manage.
    Wish me luck!

  19. Caroline Stephens
    Caroline Stephens says:

    I definately could do with some rebalancing, I am so frazzled I went to work yesterday wearing 2 different shoes, in my defence they were both black boots but one had a small heel and the other was flat, I didn’t even notice until I got home. Crazy mornings in my house, showering with one foot holding the shower door closed then bursting to work like a lunatic. Fab prize would love it


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