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      Lightning positivity, alison canavan, be complete, wellness, inspiration, motivation, coach

      A deal of the century was on the cards, too good to be true but my agents were confident. I was assured. My mind raced with wonderment and adventure. A financial deal that would look after me for the next two years.

      But if the money ain’t in your bank account, the gig is not real. Late phone call we hit a stumbling block with contracts and legalities.

      But I’ve been here before and I learnt from the past. So I was gutted but the deal wasn’t a banker for me.

      Devastated over dinner, not hungry, still on my new healthy buzz but I stick with it. I pardon my company from the table. It’s late and there was a slight drizzle of rain in the air.

      I got dressed into my walking/running gear and I put in my ear phones and I started to run in the rain. Looked up to the stars and started to dream.

      The rain was beating off my face but I felt alive. It wasn’t meant to be. Every step I took it left a negative print behind me.

      These things happen in life but its how we deal with these situations and use tools or mechanisms to get over the hump.

      Walking at night does it for me. Just showing you my readers we all get kicked in the stomach and that has many shapes and forms.

      But we can break through those barriers and learn and grow towards the future with a mind more focused than ever before.

      Training our minds towards the positive isn’t easy but it’s about repetition.

      Today was the first reading of my new play ‘The Unsung Hero’ this journey has taken years to reach this point. I feel alive again.

      Starting with a blank page and your mind, anything is possible.

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