David gilna, life coach, lightning positivity, be complete, alison canavan, self care, motivation, self love, writing, actor, screenplaySo as a playwright I’ve reached the point of living, breathing, every waking minute of my two characters Michael Joseph O’Rahilly (The O’Rahilly) & his wife Nannie Brown for my next play “The Unsung Hero”.

I’m in “the zone” as some people may say. I can visualise every scene, throughout the play. I know their gestures and mannerisms. As a writer each character will tap into your soul for that moment in time when you are writing a new play. Now sometimes nothing happens but right now I’m connected.

So I have every love letter my two characters wrote to each other from 1893 – 1916 till the day he died off Moore Street. Now there is something beautiful in reading and receiving a letter.

So my readers ; my goal for you is to write yourself a letter , telling me something positive about your beautiful self and a small goal you will achieve and send it to yourself. Now don’t be cheap ya hear me. Buy a stamp and send it to your address. When you receive that letter it will give you a beautiful lift. Trust me on this, all about the Lightning Positivity.

What’s he talking about now? So I decided to wake up every morning, say something positive about myself, something I what to achieve, a moment for prayer or reflection. Now at some point throughout the 24hrs in a day. A few minutes of shadow boxing for my fitness and meditation. I know, that’s right meditation and I’ve noticed a difference.

In my own personal life I feel like I’ve found the person who maybe I lost for a period of time, people reflect that when they see me. I’m smiling again because I can’t stop. Now before some smart arse says something of course I’ve been hurt or had a job crushed or chasing an invoice but I don’t let that hinder my own head space and positive vibes. Now enough of all that hippie dippy talk says you. But the blood sucking vampires are just bouncing off me and I love it. All about control and harnessing that natural energy.

So last week I talked about my own goals and what I wanted when I was asked by my mother over coffee for 2016. Now I know and I’ll share them to the universe. I hadn’t a clue but now I know.

  • To finish writing my children’s book “Johnny Lightning”.
  • Write & develop two new plays.
  • To hold a free workshop on motivation & positivity.
  • Small cameo in a feature film.
  • To write one new screenplay.
  • Purchase my first DSLR camera.
  • Travel to new destinations.
  • To really enjoy the time I have on this plant with my loved ones, family & friends. Not to forget that message.
  • Write letters & postcards throughout the year.
  • Here for family who need a helping hand at the darkest hour.
  • To do the odd martial arts class throughout the year between my friends martial arts schools throughout the country.
  • Take Irish Lessons.

That’s my list. That’s my goals. It’s out in the world.

Now write that letter for you and only you. Buy a stamp you cheap arse. Tell a friend about this exercise.

Oh remember the article I wrote on my friend Glenn Gannon and his book “Miracle Man- Homeless to Hollywood” well last week Humans of Dublin & Buzz feed picked up his story. He broke the Internet and it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. Shine on GG. You’ve gone global.

Shine On Readers.


Glenn gannon, lightning positivity, david gilna, miracle man, book launch, inspiration, motivation

In life our paths cross with certain people who have a massive positive impact on our lives and one of those for me was Glenn Gannon.

Last week I had the honour of attending his book launch “Miracle Man – From Homeless to Hollywood” a book based on his life.

I knew Glenn as an actor & playwright; we trained at The National Performing Arts School at the Factory every Thursday night the school ran by Jill Doyle & Eamon Farrell.

But sharing a stage with Glenn and chatting in the dressing rooms I never knew about a life he once lived on the streets of Dublin. Until he was on the Pat Kenny Show one night on RTE and he was telling his story. The next day I just gave him a big hug. We chatted for hours over a coffee.

He loved the fact I knew him as an actor & playwright and not as a man who was once homeless. People will always ask him questions about his experience and the same happens to me when people find out I was hit by lightning and survived. We as humans are always inquisitive, it’s in our nature. But like me he doesn’t mind talking about it now. In fairness you can’t shut us up.

But at the darkest point in Glenn’s life he was homeless on the streets of Dublin for years. Now he is an ambassador for the Simon Community. Travelling around Ireland talking to school children throughout the country and raising much needed finances for the homeless crisis in Ireland.

He went on to lead a successful career in the arts & moving over to Hollywood to train as an actor. You could listen all day to his stories & passion for the arts & Simon Community. But I urge you to buy his book “Miracle Man – From Homeless to Hollywood”.

Glenn gannon, david gilna, miracle man book launch, inspiration , lightning positivity

Glenn believes in the power of a positive outlook can overcome the darkest of shadows. Glenn is one of many reasons why I still battle on through everyday life. He picked himself up off the ground, off the streets & now he is an author with a book that will stand the test of time.

He often tells me on days of misfortune, or bad luck that “David at the moment you have nothing but you are not minus nothing, you have a bed and a roof over your head tonight” when projects fail, or funding is pulled I beat myself up but then I think of Glenn and “minus nothing” so I shake it off, leave the bad news and misfortune on the ground and I move forward.

Glenn Gannon has overcome the darkest parts of our society being a faceless man fighting for survival on the mean streets of Dublin fighting to live another day.

Now he is a beacon of light, a bundle of love & energy. Now the book is not all doom & gloom but full of Dublin wit and banter with warmth & heart.

So in life we can overcome the shadows and the darkness and achieve our wildest dreams. Like GG living his right now, an author of a book about turning a negative into positive. Shine On Brother – Shine On – So proud of you.

You embrace every meaning of Lightning Positivity.