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      Howaya, could you imagine that 80% of the people who walk this life won’t have any bad intentions towards you. But 20% won’t like you no matter what you do. Only 20% so don’t waste any time on the 20% of back stabbers, dream smashers, negative vibes. Who cares? Think of the 80%. I do.

      I was at event once, when I was approached by a producer, who took a pop shot at my positive outlook on life. Made it their business to tell me this: “why so positive, I hate it”. Now if the truth be told the old me would have punched them. I don’t condone violence or idiots. So take from this, this person had to tell me they hated my positive outlook on life via my media interviews or social media. I laughed at them, told them I couldn’t care what they thought. Part of the 20%, so don’t get dragged down to their level. Smile, laugh and forget about it. Remember no time for idiots.

      One of my heroes in life passed away this year. I have no doubt he is entertaining in the clouds above. Now his philosophy in life was simple.

      “Davey Crockett, the day you find what you love to do in life and you can make that your job. That’s the day you’ll never forget”.

      Now it sounds easy, but we all know it’s not. To wake up every morning and think I can’t wait for work. What an incredible feeling and I hope some of you readers can experience that. He also told me:

      “Don’t chase the money, chase the love because then the money will inevitably become a reality out of a love & passion”

      I’m always changing my hats but this week I wrote down a few simple questions on paper:

      • What makes me happy?
      • What job would I love to start work every day?
      • What script do I want to see produced or published?
      • In 5 years’ time what goal would you like to see achieved?

      Now none of this ain’t going to happen unless I start to make changes. Absolutely nothing. So only you can make a difference. We all have the potential for greatness. Every single person on this planet. So ask yourself those questions. Start today, no more excuses, no more bull.

      I was facilitating a drama workshop recently when I was asked what I believe is one of the most important tools of an actor’s craft. I jokingly quipped, public relations in social welfare offices. But my real answer was IMAGINATION never let that die. I believe in constantly evolving the power of our imagination. So you can visualise clearly no matter how insane or off the wall your business plan sounds.

      I have a film shooting next year. I was told at every stage my work wasn’t good enough for stage, tv or film. But did I listen? No I didn’t – now I’m part of a small % whose work will be adapted to the big screen. Did every door slam in my face? Did I feel the knife being stabbed in the front & the back? Did I meet the devil or some twisted evil souls. Yes but I always imagined with my shampoo bottle winning best screenplay at the Oscars. It’s happening because I never stopped dreaming or visualising. So don’t you ever stop? Happy Tuesday and never stop dreaming.


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