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      “I” love Christmas. I love the magic and bribery Santa brings.  As I don’t like doing things by halves, I have a giant Santa on our wall who watches everything especially dinners and bedtime or clean up time or whinging.. Well you get the picture. I took James to see Santa at Hamley’s and it was a very special day. We did lunch with Santa and the kids got to colour, have lunch and spend quality time with the man himself. My cool as a cucumber son just said Hiya as if he was someone he saw every day. He asked him for nion ting DVD (The Lion King), Books and a digsaw (jigsaw) Luckily I was on hand to translate. Also out in Hamleys Claphandies are doing 30 minute sessions. Here the kids can sing carols, create little Christmas trees and have some fun! It’s a great idea if you’re standing in the queue and the little ones are getting impatient. Let one adult go to claphandies and the other stays in line. This year at Hamleys they’ve really thought of everything.

      Christmas for me is a time to be grateful for the year we’ve had and look forward to a new year with new beginnings. I have so many plans for the New Year. One of them is getting fit. I’m also going to enroll James back into Rugby Tots as he just loves it and spends all week talking about it and then cries when we leave. It’s great exercise for him. He spends most of the time running in circles announcing to me that he’s the winner! (There is no one else competing against in these particular races but hey who am I to burst his winner bubble)

      I would like to thank everyone who has supported me this year. To all of you, who read this column and take the time to get in touch. Your kind words and support mean a lot. Finally thanks to my family without whose support and help with James I would not be able to work and build my life again. I had amazing team on my shows this year so thanks to all of you. Hard work and perseverance pays off. Stay healthy, happy and positive and believe in miracles. Miracles are the ordinary things that extraordinary people do for you every day. 2013 here we come!!!

      FOR MUM

      I love this Juicy Couture Beau watch €249.00

      FOR BABY
      Babies love these soft Alphabet Cubes from Mothercare €16.20

      This Trike is amazing for kids with special needs. It can be adjusted to grow with your child by raising the seat post and handlebar to suit. The Musketeer comes with a freewheel as standard allowing your child to be able to coast without the pedals going around if you wish to use a parent handle. It is possible too change to a fixed wheel so that when the Trike goes forward or backward the pedals will go around with the Trike. Can be useful for children with lack of power in their legs as the forward motion helps keep their feet going around. Prices depend on adaptations required but start from €295 Age 2-6 yr Available from Adam and Friends

      I love this fluffy blue instaria jumper €34 Cath Kidston have a great range of scarves, hats and jumpers that are warm, fun and very festive but also can be worn well into the new year!



      HI Alison,

      I was at one of your shows and you were talking about the importance of communicating. I’m quite bad at talking. Have you any tips for helping me express myself better?
      Thanks, Lisa. Galway

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m always saying that words are not the only way to communicate. You can express yourself in so many different creative ways. Arts and crafts are always good. I recently just did a four part parenting series for my website with Joanna Fortune and she discusses some of the techniques she uses. My favourite is “The balloon Technique” which shows you how to express emotion and this could be a great one for you. You write your feelings/problems down. Then you roll the piece of paper up and put it into the balloon. You then release the balloon and let your problems fly off with it. The video on my website will explain this better. I hope it helps!


      Doing things to make us feel good READING Caroline Grace Cassidy’s new novel ‘When Love Takes Over’ this Christmas €9.99 This is a feel good, funny, laugh out loud book from all good bookstores LISTENING to Christmas FM we love singing along to all the songs in the car and the best part is the proceeds go to the ISPCC. EXERCISING to balance the guilt of eating and drinking REMEMBERING those loved ones not with us and thinking of all the happy memories we have with them.

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