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      So much happening all at once and that goes for the weather too. The fleeting glance of white powder that initially makes everything look beautiful, fresh and clean was the highlight of James life (so far). Snow, I announced and ‘doe’ as he calls it has never been given such a welcome. First he tread carefully eyeing up his prey and then with more confidence poked, prodded and eventually pounced and yes then he ate it!

      ‘It’s turns to water’ I said as we drove to school singing ‘rumble in the jungle’. ‘No Mummy don’t be silly’, James said. I explained the science behind this amazing stuff quite chuffed with myself in my ability to communicate so clearly. No better way to feel smart than talking to a 2 year old I thought. However my explanation obviously fell on deaf ears as he proudly tells me every day that the non stop rain we are having is actually water. He also tells me this when he’s brushing his teeth or having a bath. I’ve tried to convince him and had to stop myself from weeping and hanging on to his ankles begging him to believe me. Finally he’s come round but I love the innocence of questioning what simply doesn’t seem to make instant sense. We could maybe do with questioning a few things going on as adults sometimes??

      I did a detox and came down with a terrible chest infection! Thanks god for my Mother who looked after James and on Sunday bathed him and Monday morning took him to school. I am deeply appreciative also for the Manuka honey and trips to the chemist. Sometimes I honestly don’t know where I would be without you.

      I have been receiving more emails about both depression and PND. I found a diary I wrote during my pregnancy and my decline into depression.  It was incredibly hard to read back but it reminded me of a very difficult and lonely time. I’m the new ambassador for the ‘walk in my shoes’ campaign along with Adam Clayton, Brent Pope and Ken Doherty. I’ll be keeping you posted on twitter and through my website and we would love you to be involved. Thanks, Ali xxx


       The Hen House Restaurant, Dun Laoghaire have launched their brand new children’s book with proceeds going to the Jack & Jill foundation. The book is suitable for tots to teens with its fun colouring in pages, crosswords, short stories, dot to dots, egg hunts, writing activities, and a whole lot more! The book also features the restaurant’s popular characters, Fonsie the fox and Minty the hen. James didn’t budge the entire meal- a miracle!
      It’s €4.95 with €1 going towards the Jack & Jill foundation.


      These fab T’s from Mothercare are only €6.50 and they will be included in the ‘2 for’ €10 promotion which will commence on the February 12th.  There’s a huge range of T-shirt from toddler up to age 8.



      Hi Alison,

      As a busy Mum I’m looking for a serum that ticks all the boxes. Is this impossible to fight the signs of both aging and tiredness?


      Emma, Meath

      Hi Emma,

      Clarins have launched their brand new double serum. I started using it just before Christmas and have found it very hydrating especially with the heating going constantly and the awful weather we’re having. It targets the 5 vital functions- hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration. It also has powerful anti aging ingredients and is rich in 20 plant extracts: an exceptional vital reserve from nature where each skin type, regardless of age, uses what it needs depending on its state.


      FOR MUM

      Clarins Double Serum €69.50


      FOR BABY:

      Cosatto Oh So Pretty Moon Unit is great for sleep overs. It also has a high level basinette feature for tiny babies. It’s easy on your back and this especially benefits post-caesarean mums €169.99



      READING Love and the Goddess. I had the pleasure of launching this book for the wonderful Mary Coen who is a true spiritual goddess. It has been referred to as An Irish Eat, Pray, Love meets Sex & the City!

      EATING bananas to help us sleep. They contain tryptophan which is the amino acid in protein the body uses to make serotonin and then melatonin. Both calming hormones that slow down your brain and make you sleepy. Eat it on wholegrain toast as carbohydrates help tryptophan access the brain.


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