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      For this week’s #WellnessWednesday I’m delighted to chatting about all things lifestyle and health with the beautiful and bubbly model and lifestyle blogger Madeline Mulqueen. I recently spent time with Madeline on a retreat and we had great giggles and a lot of fun. She recently returned from a trip to Zambia where she was filming a documentary with fellow models Teo Sutra, Irma Mali, TV presenter Diana Bunici and journalist, presenter and reporter Siobhan O’Connor where they were helping to build emergency shelter for impoverished street children.

      She’s admits her life is very fast paced but she loves it and she finds balance by having snuggly nights in on the couch with her fiance actor Jack Reynor

      Madeline mulqueen, actor jack reynor, transformer, wellness wednesday, irish model and fitness fanatic, lifestyle blogger, catwalk to kwabe, health and wellness, lifestyle quiz

      How would you describe your lifestyle? 

      I’d say my lifestyle is fast paced and pretty unpredictable but it keeps me on my toes.

      What’s your favorite food? Naughty or nice. 

      My favourite food would have to be Italian or a hearty Irish dinner. I can’t live without potatoes!

      Do you exercise and if so what do you do to keep fit?

      I love working out. My main form of exercise is Proformer Pilates with Pilates Plus Dublin. It’s great for keeping in shape but is also very relaxing for the mind.

      How do you find balance in your day-to-day life? 

      I make lists for everything. I find my mind races around in circles if I don’t have everything I need to do written down. My day runs a lot smoother when I don’t need to think about what I have to do, I just do it. Making time for myself is always on that list.

      How do you manage stress in your life? Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it? 

      If I’m super stressed I do some yoga and a few minutes of meditation. Both are incredible for managing stress and anxiety.

      I also love to colour. I get lost in time when I colour it’s a lovely feeling. 

      People often set goals or intentions as they go through life. Is this something you do?

      Yes absolutely. It’s always good for the mind to work towards something. It’s nice to set yourself near future goals that are realistic and achievable. It’s a great way of keeping you motivated for the bigger goals ahead.

      How do you unwind after a busy day? 

      Cuddling up on the couch with my boy and watching a movie is the go to, as long as there is enough milk for copious cups of tea. Other than that I love a good pamper evening to myself.  

      It’s the weekend, what do you do for fun? 

      I love being around my friends as much as possible. I usually have my friends over for dinner and giggles on the weekends when I’m at home.

      What’s your top health tip for our readers? 

      Take care of your mind just as much as your body.

      Finish the sentence – Being complete for me means… always being in the present. If I focus too much on the past or future I start to lose my sense of self. I am happiest and complete when I’m living in the present.



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