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      Welcome to #MummyMondays where I will be teaming up with The Stork Box to bring you some great articles over the next few weeks on preparing for a new baby but first let me introduce you to this dynamic duo sisters Sophie Cafolla and Dr Vicky O’Dwyer

      The Stork Box is a new and exciting Irish company specializing in products for Mum and Baby, including a prepacked maternity hospital bag, helping parents get ready for their new arrival and a range of Gift Boxes, which friends and family can ship directly to the recipient. Brought to you by sister duo, both of whom are Mums themselves, Sophie Cafolla, a sponsorship and marketing consultant and Dr Vicky O’Dwyer, a Doctor who has worked in Obstetrics and Gynecology for the last 11 years. I met with the girls to find out their story and what led them to create The Stork Box….

      “This got us thinking about our own experiences” according to Sophie, “When I was preparing my bag I didn’t start to do it until I was about 34 weeks pregnant, I was working, tired and totally overwhelmed by the number of things I needed to get. I couldn’t find anywhere that sold all the essentials together, or even better, somewhere online that you could order in one go and have it shipped to you. So we thought, why not create a box which contains the essentials for both Mum and Baby! With Vicky’s professional knowledge and both of our personal experiences it seemed like a good fit!”

      The duo wanted to create a service that takes the time and stress out of preparing your maternity hospital bag, while also providing the very best products to help make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible for expectant parents. Vicky admitted they have added a few extra touches to really treat new Mums too. “We have included a Social and Personal magazine in the Mum bag as well as a Just Eat gift voucher, I know I would of loved to have ordered a meal online one of the first few days I was home, we were far too tired and consumed by our new arrival to cook!”.

      Value is also important to The Stork Box; both the Mum bags and Baby bags are discounted, the Mum bag contents are worth €80 however the bag is sold at €65, and the Luxury Mum bag contents have a value of €125 but is sold at €100 and the Baby bag is worth €135 but sold at €120.

      The Baby Bag has everything to make baby happy and comfortable in their first few days.
      •    5 x Short Sleeved Baby Vests
      •    5 x Long Sleeved Baby Grows
      •    5 x Bibs
      •    1 Hat
      •    1 Set of Mitts
      •    1 Cellular Cotton Blanket
      •    Pampers Nappies (Pack of 24)
      •    Cotton Wool Balls (100)
      •    Mamia Newborn sensitive wipes (pack of 56)
      •    Sudocrem Care & Protect (40gm)

      The storkbox,hospital bag,pregnancy,parenting,new baby,

      In addition to the Maternity Box, the Stork range includes 3 Gift Boxes, the Newborn Stork Box, the Night Night Stork Box which plays on the bath, bottle, bed routine, a favourite of many Mums and the Playtime Stork Box. Each box contains a bonus gift for Mum, a unique selling point of the brand, “it is important not to forget about Mum!” says Sophie

      The Mum bag, €65.00 (retail value €80), includes;
      •    Phyto Shampoo (50ml)
      •    Phyto Conditioner (50ml)
      •    Uriage Shower Gel (200ml)
      •    Deodorant (35ml)
      •    Elave Daily Lip Balm (15ml)
      •    Karite Hand Cream (30ml)
      •    Uriage Thermal Water Spray (50ml)
      •    Sample of Nia’s Just Balm – suitable for Mum & Baby (5ml)
      •    Hair Bobble & Hair Clips
      •    Mini Brush
      •    2 Tooth Brushes – for Mum & Dad
      •    Toothpaste (25ml)
      •    Monochrome Notebook and Pen
      •    Maternity Pads (10 pack)
      •    Sample of Lanolin Nipple Cream
      •    1 set of Disposable Breast Pads
      •    Sample of Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags
      •    Social & Personal Magazine
      •    Just Eat gift voucher €10

      The Luxury Mum bag, €100 (retail value €125), includes everything from the Mum bag plus;
      •    Payot Hand Cream (50ml) instead of Karite hand cream
      •    Cleanse Off Mitt
      •    Mustela Bust firming serum (75ml)
      •    Mustela Stretch Marks Recovery Serum (75ml)

      The storkbox,hospital bag,pregnancy,parenting,new baby,If that wasn’t enough to start with, Sophie has also developed her own baby clothing range, Mini Style Addict, which is included in The Stork Box Baby bag. Inspired by her daughter Sienna, the range includes baby vests and baby grows. The Mini Style Addict clothes are gender neutral, with a nod to the monochrome trend, a key look in baby and toddler fashion at the moment.

      The girls stated they are committed to providing a service that grows with their audience; “we research, we invest our time and use our knowledge to find the best and most appropriate products for Mum and Baby. We have more exciting products coming to the range soon so be sure to keep an eye out!”. Keep an eye out for more to come from these two!

      Check out Their website for more info

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