Thanks for all the messages I received from readers who sent themselves a postcard with a goal attached. I’m delighted you got a boost from the exercise & you spent the money on the stamp.

Right so in life you have to practise what you preach. Now I was tested, so much that the venom was pouring out of my body. Over an argument that I walked away from, under the sound advice from my friends. I was built up with such rage but I walked away eventually even though I wanted to continue the argument.

As my mother would say “park it and say a prayer for that lost soul” so I did just that. Slept on it and wiped it from my memory when the strangest thing happened to me. People reached out to me, saying they had experienced a similar argument with this particular person or more like an attack.

Now I didn’t want to walk away, but I did. The amount of positive feedback I received was uplifting. It was an incredible lesson to learn in life. The Hardest thing is to walk away from an idiot but that’s exactly what you should do.

Met my agent today and planning out the year with work. He told me “David you do so much for free to help others in your career, all I ask is that you concentrate what you want this year, look after no1 in 2016 first”.

In life sometimes we forget about no1. So today concentrate on your goals, your feelings, your life and nobody else’s. Let spend some time looking after me.

I’m like that energiser bunny on the television but over the weekend I felt like I was hit by a moving train. I shut off from the world yesterday and I feel like a new person.

Don’t forget to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s nice to shut off from the world and have a me day. I needed that break and feel vitalised and refreshed.

Wishing you all the positivity and energy you need for the week ahead.

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