Happiness levels, alison canavan, positive life, smile more, exercising, gratitude, meditation, life coach, wellness coach,So we all want to be happier but some days it really feels like we’re playing tug-o-war with ourselves. However, did you know that YOU actually have a huge part to play in how happy you are! According to research happiness is like a muscle that needs to be exercised daily.

“It’s a choice and it’s a practice. “according to author and Harvard trained researcher of positive psychology Shawn Achor


But how many people do you know who are addicted to negative thinking and why is it that negative thinking seems to be a much more comfortable space for a lot of people? Well it’s actually a bad habit that people have become very good at after all they practice it non-stop.

So according to Shawn Achor, we can actually retrain our brains to be happier and the best news of all is that it only takes 5-10 minutes out of your day.

So, if we are what we attend to in this life, here are some simple happiness habits you simply must attend to every day:



Practicing gratitude every single day can have enormous benefits for our health and happiness. Choose 3 different things every day that you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude. I keep a “Thankful Journal” and writing in it each day is very simply just another habit like eating and sleeping for me now. In research studies even people testing as low-level pessimists after practicing gratitude for 21 days became low-level optimists. A 2-minute habit for 21 days can change and increase your happiness levels. (Martin Seligman) Gratitude has even been shown to trump your genes and environment and it also changes your vibrational frequency in the world.



A simple smile can actually change your brain chemistry. Yes it’s that powerful so smile more today and every day for yourself and others. You never know you might just brighten someone’s day.



Build muscle and happiness by moving your body every day. Get out for a walk; take a class or just dance around your living room! Your body was made to move. Jump up and down for a few minutes and see how different you feel. As I always say its possible to shake your booty and dance your mood away!



Good fats feed our mood so make sure you are getting your omega 3’s daily and if you are not eating oily fish 3-5 times a week you should probably consider a supplement. I take ESKIMO OMEGAS daily because I know I don’t get enough in my daily diet and during my recovery from Post Natal Depression Omega 3’s helped greatly.

Omegas are what we call Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) The term ‘Essential’ in nutrition means that your body cannot synthesise/make it itself so you need to get it from your diet or supplement. I also love avocados and I use a lot of coconut oil daily too along with nuts and eggs. Eating fresh wholefoods in a variety of colours is also important and essential for good health and mood so my top tip is – shop and eat the rainbow.



We have some of the loneliest people living in the biggest cities in the world. It’s imperative that we get back to nurturing our deep connections with each other. Real life relationships have a powerful affect on our happiness. Friendship and love are so important but these days some of us are so busy we forget to connect so pick up the phone to that special someone today.



All you need to do is stop, sit and focus on your breath from as little as 2 minutes a day to see a real difference. Meditation has infinite positive benefits for our health and wellbeing. Check out my beginners video right here.

Thanks for all the messages I received from readers who sent themselves a postcard with a goal attached. I’m delighted you got a boost from the exercise & you spent the money on the stamp.

Right so in life you have to practise what you preach. Now I was tested, so much that the venom was pouring out of my body. Over an argument that I walked away from, under the sound advice from my friends. I was built up with such rage but I walked away eventually even though I wanted to continue the argument.

As my mother would say “park it and say a prayer for that lost soul” so I did just that. Slept on it and wiped it from my memory when the strangest thing happened to me. People reached out to me, saying they had experienced a similar argument with this particular person or more like an attack.

Now I didn’t want to walk away, but I did. The amount of positive feedback I received was uplifting. It was an incredible lesson to learn in life. The Hardest thing is to walk away from an idiot but that’s exactly what you should do.

Met my agent today and planning out the year with work. He told me “David you do so much for free to help others in your career, all I ask is that you concentrate what you want this year, look after no1 in 2016 first”.

In life sometimes we forget about no1. So today concentrate on your goals, your feelings, your life and nobody else’s. Let spend some time looking after me.

I’m like that energiser bunny on the television but over the weekend I felt like I was hit by a moving train. I shut off from the world yesterday and I feel like a new person.

Don’t forget to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s nice to shut off from the world and have a me day. I needed that break and feel vitalised and refreshed.

Wishing you all the positivity and energy you need for the week ahead.