For this week’s Wellness Wednesday I’m chatting to Activities & Resources Manager with Pure Results Bootcamp Niall O’Callaghan. Pure Results Bootcamp is owned by TV Presenter Kathryn Thomas and I recently had the pleasure of being part of a wellness event in Arnotts with both Kathryn and some of her team including Niall. As a Fitness Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Life Coach, Niall has a varied role and quite a different one from his Engineering & Project Management background.

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Niall also now runs his own Fitness Classes and provides the Corporate World with activities and workshops to help motivate people to be active and to be at their best, both for themselves, their families and everyone else around them! He loves to participate in Road Races, Marathons, Adventure Races & Triathlons. He works alongside his wife Jennifer, a Nutritional Therapist & Health & Wellness Coach and together they provide the complete package for everyone looking to make improvements in Health, Fitness & Wellbeing area of their lives. So just how does he balance it all? Read more to find out!
wellness wednesday, fitness coach, strength coach, life coach, coach, alison canavan, niall O'Callaghan, pure results bootcamp, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle quiz, balance
How would you describe your lifestyle?

I would consider my lifestyle a really exciting one. I’m really proud to say that I live an extraordinary life with lots of excitement, adventure, challenge, love, fun and really good people. Since I have started working with & Kathryn Thomas, I have found that I really enjoy what I do, and that lots of other exciting opportunities are coming up, which are all in line with how I want my future to pan out.

What’s your favorite food? Naughty or nice.

I love home cooked food (something simple like a homemade turkey bolognaise) or a stir fry with lots of vegetables. I especially like these after being away from home for a few days. I’m also very lucky that Jen is always experimenting with new foods for her Nutrition Workshops so I get to try new and exciting foods (and some treats of course). I also love dark chocolate and a big treat for me is a double chocolate muffin (gluten free of course).

Do you exercise and if so what do you do to keep fit?

I exercise nearly every day, I’m a strong advocate of everyone getting some exercise, even if it’s a 20min walk, everyday. It’s also good to have a rest day from intense exercise at least once per week. I’m lucky that training is part of my job with Pure Results Bootcamp and I also have my own classes and clients.

wellness wednesday, fitness coach, strength coach, life coach, coach, alison canavan, niall O'Callaghan, pure results bootcamp, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle quiz, balance
I go through phases of my own training. I focus on the next event that I want to complete like a 10-mile road race, a marathon or an adventure race and base my activity to suit. It gives me a good variation and I like that. I love to do a marathon every 2-3 years so that when it comes around again I’m really hungry to do as well as I can. I really enjoy the training and lead up then.

How do you find balance in your day-to-day life?

I think it’s all about planning and preparation. If I’m very busy, I’ll try to get some exercise done in the morning and I’m tending to prefer the mornings now for exercise. This may mean getting up really early but that’s ok once I get enough sleep. I do get 7 hours quality sleep most nights. To keep a balance, I also like to have some quiet time for meditation, just 10-15 mins in the morning does me.  I also like to have some time everyday to spend with Jen to catch up on what’s going on or just to chill out.

How do you manage stress in your life? Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it?

Yes, a good day for me is a day when I have meditation as part of it. I also recently started a new technique called priming. This really gets me in the zone! A little stress can be good when it’s causing me to go outside my comfort zone. I’m lucky that I don’t think I have much stress in my life at the moment. I heard recently that when you are very busy doing something you don’t like, its stressful, but when you love what you do, being busy is just “living with passion!”.

People often set goals or intentions as they go through life. Is this something you do?
Definitely, I have a workshop that I give which is based on Goal Setting and creating Habits for Success. I always set intentions as to how I want to approach something and how I want things to work out for me. I believe it’s good to have small and big goals but the intensity or focus of these may change. It’s good to sit back and reduce the high intensity at times too.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

I enjoy getting out for a walk with Jen where we can catch up on the day’s event. I also love to get to the pool and a few minutes in a Jacuzzi is always welcomed! A good comedy always helps to switch off the brain also.

It’s the weekend, what do you do for fun?

Fun is based around exercise a lot for me. I really enjoy events like races and get a great buzz from them. The weekend is also time to catch up with family and relax with them.

What’s your top health tip for our readers?
Be active and eat well. These bodies of ours were built to move and they will perform better when they do move. Sometimes it takes a big kick-start to change a habit, and that’s what’s great about Pure Results Bootcamp, as it provides that Massive Action to get the ball rolling. The momentum for this can then last for a long time. There is lots of wisdom available on exercise and nutrition, which is provided at Pure Results, and I’m very proud to be a part of this amazing team

Finish the sentence – Being complete for me means…

Being of great service by preparing well, working hard, celebrating and recovering….



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Happiness levels, alison canavan, positive life, smile more, exercising, gratitude, meditation, life coach, wellness coach,So we all want to be happier but some days it really feels like we’re playing tug-o-war with ourselves. However, did you know that YOU actually have a huge part to play in how happy you are! According to research happiness is like a muscle that needs to be exercised daily.

“It’s a choice and it’s a practice. “according to author and Harvard trained researcher of positive psychology Shawn Achor


But how many people do you know who are addicted to negative thinking and why is it that negative thinking seems to be a much more comfortable space for a lot of people? Well it’s actually a bad habit that people have become very good at after all they practice it non-stop.

So according to Shawn Achor, we can actually retrain our brains to be happier and the best news of all is that it only takes 5-10 minutes out of your day.

So, if we are what we attend to in this life, here are some simple happiness habits you simply must attend to every day:



Practicing gratitude every single day can have enormous benefits for our health and happiness. Choose 3 different things every day that you are grateful for and really feel the gratitude. I keep a “Thankful Journal” and writing in it each day is very simply just another habit like eating and sleeping for me now. In research studies even people testing as low-level pessimists after practicing gratitude for 21 days became low-level optimists. A 2-minute habit for 21 days can change and increase your happiness levels. (Martin Seligman) Gratitude has even been shown to trump your genes and environment and it also changes your vibrational frequency in the world.



A simple smile can actually change your brain chemistry. Yes it’s that powerful so smile more today and every day for yourself and others. You never know you might just brighten someone’s day.



Build muscle and happiness by moving your body every day. Get out for a walk; take a class or just dance around your living room! Your body was made to move. Jump up and down for a few minutes and see how different you feel. As I always say its possible to shake your booty and dance your mood away!



Good fats feed our mood so make sure you are getting your omega 3’s daily and if you are not eating oily fish 3-5 times a week you should probably consider a supplement. I take ESKIMO OMEGAS daily because I know I don’t get enough in my daily diet and during my recovery from Post Natal Depression Omega 3’s helped greatly.

Omegas are what we call Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) The term ‘Essential’ in nutrition means that your body cannot synthesise/make it itself so you need to get it from your diet or supplement. I also love avocados and I use a lot of coconut oil daily too along with nuts and eggs. Eating fresh wholefoods in a variety of colours is also important and essential for good health and mood so my top tip is – shop and eat the rainbow.



We have some of the loneliest people living in the biggest cities in the world. It’s imperative that we get back to nurturing our deep connections with each other. Real life relationships have a powerful affect on our happiness. Friendship and love are so important but these days some of us are so busy we forget to connect so pick up the phone to that special someone today.



All you need to do is stop, sit and focus on your breath from as little as 2 minutes a day to see a real difference. Meditation has infinite positive benefits for our health and wellbeing. Check out my beginners video right here.

Now we are well into January are your New Year Resolutions beginning to feel a bit like this discarded Christmas tree left in the garbage? Are you struggling with the strict regime you have set up and at the same time feeling guilty and dissatisfied with yourself?

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

The trouble is when our resolutions start to slip we tend to start beating up on ourselves, and feeling bad.

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

How we set about making New Year Resolutions

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get the best out of ourselves, nor with using the beginning of a new year as a time for reflection on how we are living our lives. The thing is we tend to go about it in such a self-critical way.

We look at everything we think is not working so well and then make a long to-do list of all the ways we want to change. Somehow we are surprised when it is overwhelming and we cannot keep it up. We feel as if we have failed in some way and are disappointed in ourselves.

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

The thing is that we are much more likely to get the best from ourselves if we approach any changes we want to make with an attitude of self-appreciation and kindness. We can try and be a friend to ourselves, rather than behaving like our worst nightmare of an angry schoolteacher.

Some suggestions on using self-compassion in making our resolutions

  1. Look to your strengths

Think about the parts of your life that are on track and the things you do well and then think about a way you could take that a step further.

For example: you might be good at your job but have an irritating relationship with a work colleague—your resolution could be to make them a cup of coffee whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how quickly they warm up to you and you will enjoy the good feeling of doing something for them.

  1. Choose the changes you want to make carefully

When looking for where you want to change, choose something manageable. You can see from the picture above that ‘improving self’ is a big project, as is ‘save money’. Both are too big and too general.

Even ‘more family time’ is asking a lot. Instead try to be specific—decide to call your mother twice a week; or decide to turn off all your individual screens (phone, tablet etc.) by 9pm in the evening in order to have quality time with your partner.

  1. Think of all the people

who are trying to make positive changes in their lives and struggling with them just like you are. None of us is alone in trying to find the way to get the best out of ourselves and live a meaningful life.

  1. Allow yourself to get it wrong

When you break a resolution, or find yourself slipping back into old habits instead of beating yourself up, try forgiving yourself. Focus on the effort you’ve been making and don’t give up on what you are trying to do just because you had a bit of a blip. Imagine a friend sharing with you how they are struggling with their resolution—how would you talk to them? Would you call them a looser? I doubt it. Try talking to yourself as you would a good friend. After all—if we cannot be a friend to ourselves, how can we be a good friend at all?

SELF COMPASSION, MAUREEN COOPER, alison canavan be complete, life coach, minfulness coach, health coach, health and wellness, self help, new years resolutions, failed resolutions, self care

Maureen Cooper is the author of The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress. She combines more than thirty years of experience as a professional educator and senior manager in a non-profit organization with a hands-on education in Buddhism. In 2004 Maureen founded Awareness in Action, a consultancy dedicated to the secular application of mindfulness, meditation and compassion in the workplace.

Conor Mcgregors mindset, alison canavan, david gilna, lightning positivity, motivation, inspiration, martial arts, health and wellness, mental stamina, focus, determination, lifecoach
I love when I’m on tour throughout Ireland. Seeing different counties in this beautiful country we call home. Each theatre has its own character and soul. Meeting new & old faces. It’s something I’ve always loved as a jobbing actor over the years. I can tell you a few stories that will surely give you a giggle. One time in Cork staying in a B&B the owner came straight into my room while I was having a shower. Singing away to my hearts content she knocked on the bathroom door and proceeded to enter and ask what I would like for breakfast in the morning (Here’s me thinking it was the Princess from the show not an 80yr old woman).

Now some of you might have not heard of an Irish man called Conor McGregor. Some of you might love him and others despise him. I’m personally a fan. I trained in martial arts for 8 years under Master John Darcy (A.I.M.A.A) and Grandmaster Heel Il Cho becoming a National Champion and finishing 3rd in the World Championships. My friend Shane McQuillan’s (World Hapkido Association & Komplete Martial Arts)  father Eugene McQuillan brought me to my first class and I fell love with the sport and his passion for martial arts. It thought me Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control & Indomitable spirit.

I retired from the sport and watching & attending all competitions, reading books, videos on the sport until April 2013 when I saw a video of an Irish man called Conor McGregor and it was the press conference after his debut fight in an organisation called the UFC. He had such confidence, an unbelievable mindset and focus that he would be a champion and one of the best martial artists on the planet in the UFC.

December 2015 and people are comparing him to the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali due to his sharp tongue, promoting a fight, catch phrases, his way with words and most of all undeniable talent .

In 13 seconds he knocked out his opponent Jose Aldo a champion who was undefeated in the sport for over ten years and regarded as the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

Lightning Positivity is about the positive outlook we can all have in life. Believing in our own talents, visualising that goal, believing in that goal, believing in ourselves and saying it out loud in the mirror till we believe it.

Conor McGregor earned over $7.5 million over the weekend and about three years ago he was on the dole following a dream that he believed he would fulfil.

But like all goals they start with you. A pen & paper and the ability of learning the skill that is self confidence.

So how ever ridiculous your goal is or sounds. Believe in you. Believe in the goal. I know you have the talent and determination to achieve anything. But you have to start. Conor McGregor’s career didn’t start in Vegas last weekend in a 13 second fight where he became the unified featherweight world champion.

To me that is an unbelievable mindset. We can all be guilty of falling off the tracks with our own goals, dreams and determination.

But look at Conor McGregor. Anything is possible once you stay focused and committed. Make the smallest of changes today. Now write down that goal. But more important, say it out loud. Believe in it. Own it. Embrace it.

Lightning Positivity

You either love or hate Christmas and I love it. So can I ask my readers two questions.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Please insert in the comment box. Thanks a Thousand.

Shine On

DG x



AC_days_LightningPositivity purple flowers

Happy Tuesday Peeps. What a week for this great nation in sport. Feelings of belief and positivity!

My friend Michele lost her beloved dog Ringo on Wednesday and she was reunited with him Sunday morning. Hard to see a friend so devastated but now she can’t stop smiling. My mates, Keywest, reached no1 in the album charts. I’m sure you’ve seen them busking on the streets of Ireland.

So a lot can happen in seven days!

Topping off the week for me was the inspiration that is Glenn Gannon being interview by Alison for “Walk In My Shoes” radio last Friday promoting mental health awareness week. Glenn was homeless at one point, the darkest chapter in his life. Now he’s a voice of positivity giving the homeless a voice & a name. Not just a statistic in the eyes of the government. Glenn is an incredible writer & director. Now next month his book “Miracle man – From Homeless to Hollywood” will be available to buy. Glenn always inspires me. He has a great coin of phrase “There is nothing and then there is minus nothing” have you got a bed? A roof? Food? Then you know what you are? Not minus nothing but a positive.

Right, I wrote a screenplay out of passion and just pure love for the characters. It was my tribute to love & the circus. My head was filled with many emotions and voices when I was writing this script. To be honest some of my soul was left on that page. You know when somebody cuts you or betrays your friendship. You are left alone to bleed. But when that happens to me. I know I’m alive. I know it’s a reminder that life ain’t easy. But open wounds heal. It reminds you that you are alive. Learn from them, but heal those wounds with positivity.

Before you start laughing, my body was electrified by over 100 million volts. But I healed myself with love and positive reinforcement. I wear these scars with pride. So embrace the cuts, betrayals and knockdowns as they make up your tapestry.

Rise up because all of these negatives will make you stronger and more determined than ever. I got a phone call about the screenplay I wrote before I started writing this article. An Oscar award winning actress, I thought it was one of the lads playing a prank then I realised it wasn’t a joke. So what happened? I wrote this as a tribute to love. An incredible chapter from my life, yes my agent shopped the script around and by chance the actor I wanted to read it, fell in love with it. But was it chance? None of this would have happened if I didn’t start writing on a blank page.

So going forward buy a notebook today and title it “Lightning Positivity” just write down:

  • Your name
  • Something you love to do &
  • Something you want to achieve.

Ain’t nothing going to happen unless you start on that blank page. Of course it’s not quite that simple. But you have to start somewhere.

There is so much positivity in the air right now. I just want you to be a part of that.

This way of life isn’t for everyone and I respect that. I respect that some of you reading this are in pain and feeling alone or cut. I’m no expert, I have no answers, I have no PHD but I’m a survivor. I was given a gift, a second chance in life. That’s played on my mind for many years. If I can make one person smile I’ve done my job. One person believes they can achieve anything, to know that life can be taken away from you in a spark. I’m happy out.

My paths have crossed with a remarkable woman. A female music producer who has worked with The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John. I’d never reveal a ladies age but she has lived a very colourful life. I asked her is there anything else in life she wanted to achieve? She said “Darling, just one more hit, one more hit, not just in Ireland you have to think Global”.