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      AC_days_LightningPositivity purple flowers

      Happy Tuesday Peeps. What a week for this great nation in sport. Feelings of belief and positivity!

      My friend Michele lost her beloved dog Ringo on Wednesday and she was reunited with him Sunday morning. Hard to see a friend so devastated but now she can’t stop smiling. My mates, Keywest, reached no1 in the album charts. I’m sure you’ve seen them busking on the streets of Ireland.

      So a lot can happen in seven days!

      Topping off the week for me was the inspiration that is Glenn Gannon being interview by Alison for “Walk In My Shoes” radio last Friday promoting mental health awareness week. Glenn was homeless at one point, the darkest chapter in his life. Now he’s a voice of positivity giving the homeless a voice & a name. Not just a statistic in the eyes of the government. Glenn is an incredible writer & director. Now next month his book “Miracle man – From Homeless to Hollywood” will be available to buy. Glenn always inspires me. He has a great coin of phrase “There is nothing and then there is minus nothing” have you got a bed? A roof? Food? Then you know what you are? Not minus nothing but a positive.

      Right, I wrote a screenplay out of passion and just pure love for the characters. It was my tribute to love & the circus. My head was filled with many emotions and voices when I was writing this script. To be honest some of my soul was left on that page. You know when somebody cuts you or betrays your friendship. You are left alone to bleed. But when that happens to me. I know I’m alive. I know it’s a reminder that life ain’t easy. But open wounds heal. It reminds you that you are alive. Learn from them, but heal those wounds with positivity.

      Before you start laughing, my body was electrified by over 100 million volts. But I healed myself with love and positive reinforcement. I wear these scars with pride. So embrace the cuts, betrayals and knockdowns as they make up your tapestry.

      Rise up because all of these negatives will make you stronger and more determined than ever. I got a phone call about the screenplay I wrote before I started writing this article. An Oscar award winning actress, I thought it was one of the lads playing a prank then I realised it wasn’t a joke. So what happened? I wrote this as a tribute to love. An incredible chapter from my life, yes my agent shopped the script around and by chance the actor I wanted to read it, fell in love with it. But was it chance? None of this would have happened if I didn’t start writing on a blank page.

      So going forward buy a notebook today and title it “Lightning Positivity” just write down:

      • Your name
      • Something you love to do &
      • Something you want to achieve.

      Ain’t nothing going to happen unless you start on that blank page. Of course it’s not quite that simple. But you have to start somewhere.

      There is so much positivity in the air right now. I just want you to be a part of that.

      This way of life isn’t for everyone and I respect that. I respect that some of you reading this are in pain and feeling alone or cut. I’m no expert, I have no answers, I have no PHD but I’m a survivor. I was given a gift, a second chance in life. That’s played on my mind for many years. If I can make one person smile I’ve done my job. One person believes they can achieve anything, to know that life can be taken away from you in a spark. I’m happy out.

      My paths have crossed with a remarkable woman. A female music producer who has worked with The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John. I’d never reveal a ladies age but she has lived a very colourful life. I asked her is there anything else in life she wanted to achieve? She said “Darling, just one more hit, one more hit, not just in Ireland you have to think Global”.




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