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      essential oils, essential health, beat sugar cravings, help weight loss, honest about health, caroline jackman

      There are many reasons to embark on a weight loss journey. Some people may need to lose weight out of concern for the many health risks associated with being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease. For others weight loss may be about improving their energy levels, reaching a personal goal or to feel more content with their personal body image. Placing the focus on improving the quality of the foods in your diet instead of calorie counting is a good way to approach a weight loss programme and to avoid feeling deprived. Essential oils can support digestion and help to gently clear toxins from the body. They can also assist weight loss in practical ways such as helping to curb sugar cravings and balancing blood sugar.


      Top 4 oils for weight loss

      • Grapefruit

      Grapefruit essential oil helps to activate enzymes and assists in the breakdown of fat when taken internally either in water or in a veggie capsule. It helps to cleanse and improve kidney function and is a useful oil for an overall body detox. The fresh smell and taste of grapefruit oil along with its usefulness for emotional balance makes it an ideal oil to incorporate into a weight loss programme.

      • Ginger

      Ginger essential oil aids digestion and is an effective tummy settler. It also helps to reduce sugar cravings, which makes it a helpful tool for weight loss. Taking ginger internally promotes both healthy digestion and can help ease constipation or stomach cramps.

      • Lemon

      Lemon essential oil assists in cleansing the body and aids in detoxification. Taken internally, lemon can help overall digestive health. The uplifting aroma of lemon essential oil is also a great mood boost which can help with motivation when embarking on a new way of eating.

      • Cinnamon

      Cinnamon essential oil helps to balance blood sugar levels, which assist in combating sugar cravings and energy slumps throughout the day. Adding cinnamon to food is an ideal way to incorporate it into a healthy diet.


      Beat Sugar Cravings

      -1 drop grapefruit

      – 1 drop cinnamon

      Mix in a drink or place under tongue


      When selecting essential oils it’s important to choose 100% pure essential oils for the safest and most effective health benefits. Only certified pure therapeutic grade oils should be taken internally or used neat on the skin. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oil if applying topically to children.

      Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support.

      Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…

      -Caroline Jackman, Honest about Health

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