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      be complete, david gilna, lightning positivity, motivation, inspiration, life coach, life lessons, alison canavan, irish playwright

      From my first post on #becomplete I told you that I’d always be honest. Who you see on social media is the same person you meet in real life. Do I have flaws? Of course but who doesn’t. I never pretend to be anyone else. I laugh & love in my own little world. Dreaming of all the wonders in the world and the things I want to achieve.

      Last week I posted an article about being lost. I’m blessed right now that I have been commissioned as a screenwriter. But working as a playwright brought so many questions?

      Did I want this life? This path? Was I happy? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? I realised I’m happy and enjoying my journey but in reality I have no idea where my journey will take me. What career path even! But I’ve stopped worrying about the outcome. I’m taking the gigs and enjoying the process. I don’t have the answers. So what I’m really saying is that it’s ok to get lost but still be happy on your day to day journey.

      Have you started to make the smallest of changes in your life to alter that journey for nobody except you? Sometimes in life we can fall into careers without knowing it, but you are not happy. Now don’t go telling the husband or wife. That’s it, “Lightning Positivity” I’ve packed in the job and guess what I’m feeling positive about change. The mortgage and bills ah sure what the hell, I’m happy. But take note; let’s start to look at our options. In life we always have options just sometimes we can be blind to them. Yes of course take risks and follow your dreams and heart. But let’s start to make plans and small changes. Then you’ll feel the difference.

      On Friday I was honoured to address the Lord Mayor and the relatives from the signatures of the proclamation at the mansion house. I was asked to talk about my play dedicated to The O’Rahilly & Nannie Brown my two unsung heroes from 1916. What was remarkable was that an elderly lady who was 90 ordered a taxi to bring her to the mansion house to hear the speeches.


      The taxi man asked would I accompany the lady to the function while I was outside on my phone. It took us 10mins to walk up the stairs of the mansion house. We took our time and I held her arm till I brought her to the house.

      Why am I telling you this?


      At 90 she had the focus to make sure she was going to be present to the launch of “Buy Back Moore Street” she wanted to be a part of that moment. She could have stayed inside on that wet, windy & miserable night. But she wanted to see change. I thought to myself what a remarkable woman, we all want change but if we don’t take action nothing will happen. She told me as she was leaving that she could die smiling but a lot of work still had to be done.

      I was approached at a party recently by a woman who had once worked in the arts. She told me she went on to get married, raise a family and get a job to pay the bills. She said the most horrendous thought to me. That in some crazy notion in her eyes she had FAILED. I was like FAILED from what? She was upset she left the ARTS her once PASSION. To me firstly anyone who raises a child or a family that is one of the most selfless acts on the planet. I called her a HERO but had to explain that life is not a SPRINT but a MARATHON so if you wanted a career in the ARTS or whatever career that there was nothing stopping her. Never kill that creative that’s locked up inside you. All I asked was that she would never and I repeat never call herself a failure again.

      We all need a tool or a method to make us laugh or giggle. I come home, turn up some of my favourite songs and just dance and sing around my kitchen like a lunatic. Just for me and nobody else. Music has always been a great tool for me for creative writing but also letting off steam and just doing the most ridiculous dance moves on my kitchen floor. But hey, different strokes for different folks. But find a way that you can let off some steam and just have a giggle. Be that child again in whatever platform.

      Life is a marathon not a sprint. It’s ok to get lost but just enjoy the journey and if you are not happy in day to day life try and make those small changes today.

      I believe in you. Shine On.

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