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      Now that I have in place a structure for my next three projects. I work out a timeline and I jump from writing a play, screenplay and children’s book.

      I’ve always worked this way when writing to a deadline. Jumping through different worlds & different projects. The point in telling you this is about TIME.

      I celebrated my birthday at the weekend. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve blinked and a year has gone “bye!”

      I always people watch. I write in coffee shops during the day. Listening to the world around me when people are communicating with each other via spoken word not just getting lost in a smartphone.

      My godmother is 90 this week & my great Uncle is going to be a 100. Two incredible landmark ages but do you know how hard it is to find a decent looking 90th & 100th birthday card?

      All joking aside, whether or not you believe in a God, we can all agree that we all know we are going to die. WOW, wait a go, Mr Positivity on that fact! Sure I’m only feeling great now reading that. But it’s a fact of life. Embrace it, own it.

      So why wish away our time on this planet. That has been on my mind all weekend. Wishing away or even drifting away through time.

      Today I’m going to get lost in the ticking of the clock. I never want to feel that I’ve blinked and it’s my birthday again.

      So for today I just want you to get lost in the moment. Being present in today. The people that surround you or your work. Just don’t wish it away.

      Really think hard on the small changes you want to make in your life because you all have the power to make those changes. Just don’t be a drifter.

      Be the Captain of your ship.

      You can achieve anything really just start to believe a bit more in you and your happiness.

      Today, just get lost in living for today and have no other thoughts about the past or the future.

      Happy Lightning Tuesday.

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