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      be love, inspiration/motivation, alison canavan, david gilna, be complete, clean eating, smile

      Sometimes in life we forget to smile, smile at all the misfortunes, heartache or smile in our success. So do me a favour and just smile right now. Not that awful fake smile for those uncomfortable photos we don’t want to be in but smile like you just can’t stop laughing.

      So I’ve lasted two weeks on this fitness & food journey. I’m laughing right now. I’m snacking on almonds and I had asparagus for the first time. I do love no sugar in my teas and coffees now and I’ve cut out my beloved bread.

      I just want to state on record how proud I am of anyone who has tried a small change in their life for the better. We all fail throughout different journeys. But when you tried your best and don’t succeed, you know what, you made a difference, a rewiring of thoughts. For that I salute you. You will succeed; just learn from your failures.

      My auld buddy the professional footballer, said it best, reward yourself with the bad stuff because what’s the point in not enjoying food.

      I was a sugar cereal man, topped with sugar and more sugar, and then wait for it, more sugar in my coffee. Now I’m buzzing off natural yogurt and blueberries. Well for the moment anyway. That’s my journey after two weeks.

      Now my play ‘The Unsung Hero’ has its world premiere on March 21st at the Theatre Upstairs then a nationwide tour. You’ve witnessed this journey. It all started with a vision, that I would write a play that will tour the globe. I was laughed at, rejected, but now, I can’t stop smiling. Lights will guide you home as they say. Right now I’m living Lightning Positivity.

      If I can’t give you examples from my own success or failures there is no point in me writing this? My play has been in development for two years and now I’m at the starting line of a marathon, done all the prep, late nights, aching body, sore feet, now I’m smiling getting my groove for the race that is my play, my thoughts to be staged for the world to see & hear.

      Now we all have that potential inside us, now I’m not high on sugar as I have my almonds and my water. But I’ll be treating myself to a nice auld pint of stout mid-week but right now I’m just so happy. Why write this article each week?

      Well, I hope that one day you’ll have a day of extreme satisfaction from visualising a goal from a blank page when everybody rejected your idea or business plan.

      Small steps, big dreams and don’t forget that smile.

      Pain and suffering but worth it all in the end.

      You all have the potential. Get that blank page and let your imagination run wild.

      I believe in you.

      Just stop making excuses.

      Write me four lines that’s all I want. Just four lines of a vision or a change you want to make.

      Shine On

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